What do you want in FE14?

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User Info: Hodou

4 years ago#11
That reminds me, rebalancing the game so that the difficulty is more centered arouchi strong defensive tactics and smartly utilizing a wide variety of units instead of "get overpowered X with 1-2 range weapon, put in enemy range." The focus of the enemy phase should ALWAYS be SURVIVING, not killing as many units as possible.

User Info: Is_Corrupted

4 years ago#12
Things that would never happen in a classic RPG let alone Fire Emblem.

An ugly lord. Preferably not blue-haired and who uses anything but swords.

Main character being a bad guy who progressively changes to become good or a hero working for his own interests à la Lina Inverse.

More effort into defining every group, which this game lacked but PoR/RD did really well. Defining an actual backstory when there is one instead of briefly waving it at the player. How can I be interested in learning about your world when I'm given no content on that front?
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User Info: ksemanr

4 years ago#13
Pirates. This game severely lacked in pirates.
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User Info: pizzaman95

4 years ago#14
ksemanr posted...
Pirates. This game severely lacked in pirates.

Agreed. We could use some more pirates, both the class and actual pirates.
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User Info: SlanMT

4 years ago#15
The ability to summon phantoms, not that anyone would need it. Just for fun.

User Info: HeroKirby

4 years ago#16
Basically just more stuff from older games...

-Bring back Light magic and the associated classes, along with the magic triangle.

-Soldier/Halberdier class

-Maybe some Trainee classes

-Something I'm undecided on is weapon Weight. It made the game more complicated, but it also added, I feel, some balance.

-More weapon types that were missing... Wind Sword, Zanbato, Heavy Spear, S-ranked weapons, Ballistae, etc.

-Bring back monsters! They were so awesome in Sacred Stones. There were Risen, Entombed, and Revenants, but more monsters would be cool.

User Info: linkaegar

4 years ago#17
OrangeCrush980 posted...
FE7 remake. That way the game would have actual strategy.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#18
OrangeCrush980 posted...
FE7 remake. That way the game would have actual strategy.

A FE7 remake would ruin FE7 as it would make camps that love the many changes and those that will hate that FE7 has been tainted.

Better they just make a new game completely. It also allows them to have more leeway on what they want to do as the script hasn't been written yet and the characters haven't been created either.
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User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#19
I kinda want something that has all the gameplay additions from awakening, but with strategy and much better map design/variety.
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User Info: ChrnoDstroyer12

4 years ago#20
doireallyexist posted...
ChrnoDstroyer12 posted...
Really just a more focused story. As much as I freaking love this game, the story is a huge disappointment to me.

Also Light Magic and Soldier class.

More 2 ranged swords would be nice as well.

Ballista or 4-5 range bows so that Snipers are a bit more useful would also make me happy.

Maybe another Female Lord. Way too many male lords. Preferably without blue hair too.

OK, there are a million things "I" want, but these the most.

Agree with every single point!

Thank you. Although I'm sure other people will disagree with the 4 or 5 ranged bows for snipers.

I would also enjoy more non-human units. I love Dragons and killer bunnies (insert Monty Python joke here) as much as the next guy, but I miss the many types of Laguz we got in POR and RD. We need useful Wolf units, dammit!
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