Character death versus "retreat"

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User Info: nflchamp

4 years ago#11
WestbrickIII posted...
pizzaman95 posted...
WestbrickIII posted...
Updated the OP. Interesting how few characters actually die in this one.

Probably a side-effect of how children work in this game.

I don't see why. The second Lucina and the Risen enter the timeline, history has changed, so any concerns about time paradoxes are null and void. And there's really no reason units like Virion, Basilio, and Flavia should retreat other than not wanting to rewrite certain scenes with their deaths in mind.

But causing unnecessary confusion amongst players certainly isn't needed. And that second part has always been true. If you still have talking parts you can't die so they don't have to add in extra (unneeded) scenes.

User Info: Enemy_AC130

4 years ago#12
And this is being incorporated into your review or something?
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User Info: azn_boy150

4 years ago#13
So...does this topic have a purpose, or were you just bored?
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User Info: OrangeCrush980

4 years ago#14
He's gathering material for his 3/10 revision
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User Info: vagames

4 years ago#15
This is, admittedly, one of the things that I took issue with in this game. I always appreciated that a character was considered dead, and that knowledge encouraged me not to let them die, especially when I liked them (<3 Nephenee). While I understand that elements of their story would not be possible if the game allowed some characters to die, I still feel that went with the Easy button on this one.

I also understand that this is not the first time that characters on the battlefield would avoid death by retreating because it was crucial to the story to keep that character alive. Important characters in previous games that arrived on your team, often temporarily, wouldn't die for this reason but back away.

I could deal with it when it was limited to only extremely relevant characters that the story would not function without... But in this game, the ratio of people that die to the number of people that run away is unexpectedly low.
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