For those of you that love the game what did you dislike?

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User Info: COlimar788

4 years ago#21
-I really wish the paid DLC characters had had unique models, even if they were just imported from previous games. The free Spotpass characters I can understand, but the paid characters really should have a bit more effort put into them.

-That reinforcements can attack the same turn they spawn on Hard mode and above is absolutely awful game design. Seriously.

-Late game/optional characters should have had more supports. I wanna marry Anna with a non-MU character, dangit!

-I would like it if, on the battlefield, you could see which characters your chosen character could potentially have supports with, much like you can see C, B, A, or S for characters they have already supported with.

-You should totally be able to reclass Inigo into a male Dancer.
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User Info: DStone39

4 years ago#22
pikachupwnage posted...
-Several choices are given that mean nothing in the end.

I feel this was the biggest mistake in the game in my opinion.

I was freaking out about the first major decision you made in the game and I soon learned that it meant nothing. The same with every other decision. They just act like a "Yes" or "No" question from the DLC units when they ask some random question about how you act as a Tactician.

But other than that, I love the game to death and I keep replaying it just because it's so fun to approach everything in different ways. :D
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#23
I dislike that DLC characters mostly have no unique models or classes.

I also hate the lack of supports for the spotpass paralogue characters and for Basilio and Flavia.

Basilio should have had supports with Olivia and Lon'qu and an S rank with Flavia.
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User Info: MIssDeviling

4 years ago#24
Lack of same-sex friendship supports.
Ugly character models.
Generic heads on reclassed map sprites.
DLC that should have been available in-game (e.g. Iote's Shield).
Boring maps and objectives.
Generic father-child supports.
Enemy phase reinforcements on Hard.
Terribly easy Normal campaign.
Having to press fast-forward every time you enter a battle, instead of doing it automatically.
Crappy Walhart arc.
Overworld music gets very irritating.
Feels very luck-based sometimes (e.g. 50% chance of Dual Attack).

Despite everything I dislike about the game, I'm terribly addicted to it. I still think it's quite good, but it has a lot of flaws too. I know it's infeasible to address everything, but they still annoy me nonetheless.

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

4 years ago#25
The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the father child support conversations (except for a few). They're nothing but a bad illusion that I figured out before even my second playthrough. The second is the paralogue characters only being able to support the MU. The third is certain characters not being able to support each other despite having a history, such as Gregor and Basilio.

Its pretty funny when I think about it, because I never really cared too much about supports that much before... I guess the fact that you had unlimited supports made me like it more.
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User Info: PKRockin531

4 years ago#26
The fact that Sain is not a SpotPass character

User Info: Overlord_MMXU

4 years ago#27
My gripes are more of just improvements for the next game, basically what awakening doesn't have/is missing.

-Needs end game maps that aren't DLC/spotpass, think sacred stones. (Don't care if you dislike grinding)
-If they are to bring DLC/spotpass characters back next game, make them more interactive via supports/what not.
-A choice that will truly seperate the classic elitists with say, people who don't care for new stuff added to the series/how it affects the game.
Casual-Same as in awakening, but no restrictions.
Classic-Will not be allowed to grind/reclass and you won't be forced to feel that you need to. Higher difficulties will be balanced, and strategy, not stat caps, will be needed in order to conquer each map. Just an idea for the next game, in hopes that they will do it.
-Lack of different objectives (Fog of war, breaking walls, stepping on switches, claiming the gate, etc)
-Story chapters that exceed 40+ that are none paralogues/DLC/Spotpass and that are actually done well, and not have such a rushed feel to them. I haven't played POR/RD, but I hear those games managed to do it well?

That's about it for me. Love Awakening, but I feel IS can do much better, and seeing and playing awakening, I feel the potential is there and the next game in the series (Not that SMT crossover) might just do it right.
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User Info: Wandering4Eons

4 years ago#28
-Lack of Supports for Chrom, Sumia, spotpass, Anna, Say'ri, Tiki, Basilio and Flavia. In particular Chrom and Sumia should have just as many marriage options as the rest of the cast (i.e. all first gen characters of the opposite gender (exception: Chrom and Lissa, obviously). Chrom's the army's leader, it'd make sense he'd try to connect with each individual. It'd also show more of his non-story personality that we don't see much of except DLC. None of Sumia's supports really give me a reason to like her especially as a character, just a little bit of personality.
- Generic Father-Son/Daughter Supports. Some of them don't make sense with certain fathers, or bring the fathers heavily out of their personality. That and cut and paste dialogue.
- Generic Sibling supports. Similar gripe to the one listed above.
- Generic models for non-canon classes. At least change the color scheme a little to match the character's main color.
- Same support set for Male and Female MU. I understand he/she has a stupidly high number of them, but it'd be nice if more were different than just which pronouns are used.
-Story felt a little disjointed. The Gangrel/Grima arcs make sense, but the Walhart arc just seemed to break the story for a side event.

User Info: bearclaw13

4 years ago#29
The GameFAQs board.
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User Info: Final_Draft

4 years ago#30
How broken dark magic is.
Archers being useless.(This happens in more then just Awakening though)
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