For those of you that love the game what did you dislike?

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User Info: Runesamurai

4 years ago#51
SuperSonicDBZ posted...
As a fan, what didn't I like? Hmm...

- No online multiplayer of any sort. The double duels should have been Wi-Fi compatable.

- DLC characters (the paid ones at least) should have gotten the Prince Marth treatment. And maybe a few lines instead of the ellipses. I mean they should stand out more compared to the spotpass characters. Since we sort of paid for them.

That's really it. Everything else is just being picky. Those are the only 2 things that sort of annoy me. Everything else is just wishing.

Yes totally. For example I would've liked to have seen Roy as a Lord and him being promoteable to Master Lord and Ike as a Vanguard etc.

The main stuff I dislike is:

1. The SpotPass/DLC characters can't have support convos and have little development.

2. You're literally FORCED to grind and do reclassing to have any hope of learning new skills and if you want to have any hope of beating some parts of the game.

3. Weapons aren't infinite that should be like Ragnell for example.

4. I think there should've been a way to bless your weapons so they never break like in Radiant Dawn.

5. I want the fighting arenas back. They were fun.

I think that's pretty much it.

User Info: SaintTweeter

4 years ago#52
No spear soldier that isn't Donnel or some kind of Knight.
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User Info: CyberNyles

4 years ago#53
I agree with a majority of what has already been said; however, the map designs are so lackluster it almost destroys the fun for me. I remember all the castles and corridors, even the open-area maps had some structure from the older games. Some people may disagree with me on this, but the way the game (sometimes) throws a wall of enemies against you uproots the the entire need for strategy.
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User Info: prince_leo

4 years ago#54
I agree with a lot of what has been said already
Just to throw down the things that I like the most

Magic triangles ( preferably dark > anima > light > dark == axe > lance > sword > axe)
Better/more creative maps
I'm not a fan of the MU, but I wouldn't campaign to get rid of him / her
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User Info: Edmond Tan

Edmond Tan
4 years ago#55
No default Barbarian. Feels wrong to have a no reclass playthrough that does not allow us to have at least one of every class.
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User Info: AtmosOmega

4 years ago#56
-Stupid AI that makes no real use of strategy in an SRPG.
-Extremely wonky balancing.
-Very shallow gameplay hidden under a layer of supposed "complexities" and fancy aesthetics.

I still like the game, but it's not going to be one of those that I play for 100+ hours when traveling and such like the Advance Wars series.

And I am probably in the minority in being glad there isn't an online skirmish mode or such; seeing the same team of broken characters over and over would get tiring real fast.
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User Info: Runesamurai

4 years ago#57
I think that Soldiers should have been playable. And Halberdiers too. It would've made sense if Donnel could be class changed to that.

User Info: _UR2L8_

4 years ago#58
I don't appreciate how there is nothing in game to rise to the challenge you present after you get your characters maxed/have all abilities.

Sure there's the "Strongest One's Name" dlc coming out, but I was thinking more along the lines of Ultima/Omega/Ruby/Emerald Weapon esque bosses (Final Fantasy for the curious)

No matter which difficulty, at your absolute best, with your dream team, perfect stats, perfect abilities, perfect classes, the game will -NEVER- meet your challenge

It discourages me from trying because my Sorcerer MU solos maps, why train Lucina, Yarne or Inigo? Who cares if they have Rightful King and Aether? Why bother putting them as a Swordmaster for Astra? My Sorcerer already has the drop on the final boss and I'm only at Chapter 13

Spotpass? Creating ultimate teams for other people to fight against as computers? I would have joy if I could witness a person attempt to fight one of my created teams, but we aren't allowed that, it would have been better to have direct Player vs Player, but of course, nobody who dies dies permanently.

Personally, it feels like a big waste of time.

remotely related, in Pokemon, one can max out their team and still find a challenge in the in game battle tower/subway, or PvP, I strongly believe IS could have or should have taken some notes regarding that, as the intent for this game seems to be to keep people playing rather than play and beat once, set aside to collect dust and pick up a few years later.

But! I will admit, the first few runs were very entertaining, I just don't find it very fruitful to max out everything.
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User Info: St0ve1

4 years ago#59
No Cervantes is a HUGE issue! If he is dlc, I will make a female avatar, and she will romance him!
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