What is the point of archers?

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  3. What is the point of archers?

User Info: TheSlowpoke

4 years ago#1
Seems Mages do everything they can except better.

User Info: SamuraiLloyd

4 years ago#2
For flyers since magic on Pegasus Knights generally doesn't work as well.
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User Info: lDPl

4 years ago#3
In this game? None because they aren't named Shinon or Rolf.
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User Info: 578t7645uyb5

4 years ago#4
Archers are a niche role, if the map has a lot of fliers then use them, if not.. then don't.
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User Info: EvilStorm238

4 years ago#5
Well, one thing is that while wind magic is good against fliers, Pegasus Knights have high resistance, so that's where Archers come into play.
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User Info: marthsheretoo

4 years ago#6
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User Info: legendrider

4 years ago#7
Archers are pretty much the physical version of mages
Someone has high resistance but low defense - Archer
Someone has high defense but low resistance - Mage
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User Info: ChromKirby

4 years ago#8
Putting them in your streetpass team with counter.

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

4 years ago#9
There is none, and it's even worse because Hit is very easy to 100 in this game.
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User Info: ItIsAPsyBorg

4 years ago#10
Archers are typically bad in FE, and FE10 Shinon is the only exception I know of.

Their supposed uses:

- Operate Ballistae to attack across the map (which do not exist in many games)

- Attack from 3 squares away with (or without, as in FE10 Shinon's case) a longbow (unfortunately unreliable because longbows have low Mt and are hard to get)

- Kill fliers in games where magic users can't destroy them easily with Wind magic (rare)
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  3. What is the point of archers?

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