What is the point of archers?

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User Info: Supah1337

4 years ago#61
I remember that training Rebecca in FE7(?) made her insanely strong, albeit still hindered by range restrictions
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User Info: SpacerPrime

4 years ago#62
"Your experience is wrong. Harken has 22 skill at base. Hawkeye and Geitz have 14 & 13 skill. You know how much avoid stuff has in Living Legend? Like 10-15, or 25 or something if you're one of the bosses. Don't use base dart with a steel axe and you should be fine."

That doesn't really matter in hands of an axe wielder, their attack rarely hits, if ever.

"Also, how are you playing the game that in your experience berserkers, warriors, and heroes have lower move than mages, archers, or any other foot unit?"

Well that one is my own fault for sticking the less useful axe wielder in the back of the formation.

User Info: welkin_g

4 years ago#63
SpacerPrime posted...

That doesn't really matter in hands of an axe wielder, their attack rarely hits, if ever.

Hawkeye has like 100 displayed hit against the mages in his joining chapter, let alone the lance-wielding wyverns, little bit less if you let him use the Killer he comes with. He has like 75 displayed hit against the sword-wielding mercs in Geitz's chapter, let alone the bandits and wyverns.

And I hope you understand that displayed hit is around 10% lower than your actual hit.

User Info: Algernon

4 years ago#64
Archers have to compete with Mages for being the 2-range offensive unit.

The only cases where they are good is in Ike's games, where they had decent spd and defense and FE12, where for some reason the mages sucked so bad they couldn't double anything throughout the game and were mostly relegated to healing duty (and killing Gharnef... because you didn't have a choice).

Archers might have had some use with their 3-range bows if this game actually had walls and chokepoints.
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User Info: rolfboy

4 years ago#65
To be annoying enemies. Seriously, archers on your side are pointless for anything other than sniping pegasi but the AI appreciates that overkill skill typical of archers.

User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#66
ShikiHime posted...
make them a bow knight
skills to get:
Gale Force
Life taker or Sol, (Play Style Preference)
Bow Fair (Luna, Or Astra if you got Life taker)
Sword fair

make sure to cap DEF, HP and RES

Step 1~ run up to some enemy
Step 2~ kill it
Step 3~ Gale force will activate
Step 4~ kill something with your sword or your Bow
Step 5~ End turn
Step 6~ Sit back and watch the enemy's die off to your archer
wether your using a sword or a bow, lol most things will kill them self off counter.

If you're going for Counter than Life Taker is really a bad ability.

Since you know it only activates on your turn and Counter doesn't work unless you take damage.

So... Yeah.
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User Info: helldew

4 years ago#67
In lunatic Plus Archers are a bloody life saver. Nothing like not getting ROFL stomped by counter every two second. and they can still retaliate on range making them pretty good to place at the front line give them counter and give them someone whos paird with with a melee weapon that kicks ass and their proably the only class that can hold the line with out being royally screwed by counter.

belive it or not ive had more luck with archers on Lunatic plus then i had with even nostafaru tanking (where they just just rushed they attack to many enemies their tomes break and they die) granted you can eventually set up your Nos tank to be a boss but its a lot easier to just take a archer/sniper with a Srank to hold your line down considering you get hid freakishly hard from counter.

honestly i would say they might have nerfed them in this game but at least it beats the hell out of unequiping your guys and having to deal with a freaking army in front of you who didnt suffer a strand of counter attack damage.
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