Lunatic+ has made me hate life.

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User Info: EphemeralDreams

4 years ago#1
I finally manage to break the game in an eight hour setting just shifting through the endless RNG and got to chapter 5, I didn't realize how horrific each chapter was as they introduced a new skill to torment me. Is Counter the worst in Lunatic+? Or will everyone suddenly develop Astra and Sol abilities with Vantage wielding brave weapons?

User Info: BlueSophia

4 years ago#2
Oh maliciously. It becomes a luck based mission with little help from the RNG goddess.
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User Info: Wandering__Hero

4 years ago#3
Its meant to be cruel and obnoxious, but the design could probably be better. I hate to support the fanboys, but if you want that kind of difficulty in a fairer setting, go play Tharcia.

Inb4 Westbrick.

Ugh I also hate to agree with him, but its likely Lunatic + was designed with some grinding in mind. Though if you don't want to pay, you at least have Champion's of Yore 1. Remember Marth is expendable!
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  3. Lunatic+ has made me hate life.

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