newbie with no idea how to build classes

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User Info: Thegemmell

4 years ago#1
Okay.never played a fire emblam before but this game is amazing.

My units are starting to hi level 10 and I'm not sure what to do I'm in chapter 8 so I know a lot. Of new units are coming sshould I goahed and just upgrade my best untwist. Become a grand master make sumia a healer etc

I want to get another great knightz def

My friend said wait until level 20 to start upgrading

User Info: Nightblade96

4 years ago#2
On your first playthrough I'd just suggest getting to 20 before promoting for more stat gains. Only promote/reclass at 10 if you're planning on grabbing skills from other classes.
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User Info: nintendogeek01

4 years ago#3
Promoting at 10 can hurt their stats but it's the fastest way to get skills you want from another class (For example, if you don't want your pegasus knight's final class to be Dark Flier but you want the Galeforce skill they learn at level 15, then promote at 10 and have them work their way up to level 15 before reclassing them.)

If you plan on moving them into their final class then yeah promote them at 20, otherwise their stats take a rather notable hit as the game goes on.

Oh, and as for reclassing with a second seal, it seems like there really isn't a bad level to reclass them at, at least not in my experience.
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User Info: welkin_g

4 years ago#4
Just don't use archers and you should be good.

User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#5
Indeed. Archers/Snipers are huge traps in this game. They're just beyond bad and enemies prioritize them over healers because they're that bad.
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User Info: Thegemmell

4 years ago#6
Really? Then what should I do with virion hes been pretty good to me

User Info: Ohako79

4 years ago#7
ah, how about this?

archers are great before you are expected to OHKO bad guys.

Like for instance in chapter 3, I made my units pair up and head in opposite directions, I think Fred & Lissa and Miriel & Vaike go right, and everyone else go left.

Keep in mind at this point Sumia is level 1 and Chrom is like level 3. What you do is hit melee guys with indirect attacks first, and set it up so Virion can only take one hit from something else. Something like that. I did a lot of things like that in the very early game.

Like in Chapter 5 I had Sully & Virion take the axe fighter on the far bottom left, while Chrom and Sumia take the one on the upper far left. Anyway, Sully gets banged up a bit (but manages to get in a few hits, maybe gets plonked by the enemy archer, and heals up at the fort on the bottom left. Then when I'm ready to go, Sully goes straight up and switches with Virion. That way the Dark Mage that pop out of the fort I just left gets an arrow in the eye.

Stuff like that.
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  3. newbie with no idea how to build classes

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