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User Info: Cloud576

4 years ago#11
ChrnoDstroyer12 posted...
sjk9000 posted...

I think Gaiden is the only game that doesn't have a Fire Emblem. Of the games where it actually shows up, FE7 is probably the one where it's least important.

ChrnoDstroyer12 posted...
PKRockin531 posted...

In 1 and 3 it's the Binding Shield that can seal Earth Dragons away, like Medeus.

Oh, so sort of like this game's Emblem? Well I guess it would make sense since it's a sequel.

Not "sort of", the Fire Emblem in Awakening is the same Emblem from the FE1/FE2.

ok.... I'm sorry. I never played the first game..... or Shadow dragon. Please stop yelling at me or I'll ..... *Waaaah!!!!*

There there, buddy, it's ok. Internet guys can just be complete ass hats.

Good job sjk9000! you made the poor guy cry. Why don't you go be "Elitist" somewhere else?

.... heh heh.....
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