Gah, I hate making a new character.

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  3. Gah, I hate making a new character.

User Info: Wire_Harp

4 years ago#1
All the options are just so... bland. Bleh. I really wish they had added more choices, or something somewhere between build 1 and build 3 for male avatars. Female avatars have much better options.
What do you guys choose when making a new character? It takes me honestly at least half an hour to pick everything, sometimes more.

User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#2
Usually I just go for one that I think looks good as a whole.
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User Info: finaleus

4 years ago#3
I actually went through everything and realized I liked all the default settings best. I chose a different hair style, but I took the normal build/face/white hair.

User Info: PKRockin531

4 years ago#4
I make the same exact person every time.

User Info: Is_Corrupted

4 years ago#5
There's some good combinations if you search enough.

Except for the bulky male type. He just looks awful.
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User Info: Wire_Harp

4 years ago#6
Eh, bulky male is actually my preferred look. I gave him the short-ish hair with a dark green. Not the buzz cut but the spiky kind. It looks decent IMO.

User Info: ffdgh

4 years ago#7
Basic every time....I blame the demo lol.
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  3. Gah, I hate making a new character.

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