vaike for Cordelia or Panne??

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  3. vaike for Cordelia or Panne??

User Info: Seirika

4 years ago#11
soma2035 posted...
Neither Knight nor Thief really offer Severa anything, skill-wise. Having a good skill selection is more important than stats - pair Cordelia with someone who passes Myrmidon. Stahl is a good alternative to the standard Lon'qu x Cordelia pairing.

Vaike x Yarne gives Yarne access to Wrath and Counter doesn't it? That would work out nicely even if thief overlaps.

EDIT: Didn't see you mention that Stahl/Lon'qu are already paired. Oops. Are Gaius / Gregor available? Their stats aren't quite as good, but like Stahl and Lon'qu they allow Severa to go Myrmidon.

Yarne can learn Wrath and Counter regardless of father; Vaike can give him only Fighter and Hero (so Sol).
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User Info: Wooly_of_Doom

4 years ago#12
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  3. vaike for Cordelia or Panne??

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