eHarmony Pairing - "WoA" Edition, Day 9: THARJA

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User Info: BlueFir3

4 years ago#1
Who's willing to love Tharja in her own Madworld? - Results (142 votes)
Male MU
44.37% (63 votes)
13.38% (19 votes)
21.83% (31 votes)
1.41% (2 votes)
4.23% (6 votes)
4.93% (7 votes)
2.11% (3 votes)
2.82% (4 votes)
0.7% (1 votes)
Other (Frederick, Virion, Stahl, Ricken)
4.23% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Here we will officially record what we think is the best pair for each lady of the Awakening world. And being this once-a-day event was so generously sponsored by the (in)famous eHarmony website, judgement here should be based on PERSONALITIES and CHEMISTRY when choosing the lady's pair. That means pairings based on technicalities such as stat boosts and/or the kind of child they bear (if able) isn't entirely encouraged for making the decisions.

Now, once the day is over, another poll will be open the following day with a different lady for her match up as well. The most popular choice of the previous lady will be posted in the new topics as well so that we may keep track. Again, for the women who have over 10 options, post down the names that were not listed that you chose, and i will personally count each one.

Vote for the man who will take today's lucky lady off her feet and ride into the sunset! (Well.. only if it makes sense to the characters) Tell us who you voted for and put your reason as well!


(Day 1) Lissa x Vaike
(Day 2) Sully x Stahl
(Day 3) Miriel x Federick
(Day 4) Sumia x Chrom
(Day 5) Panne x Donnel
(Day 6) Maribelle x Ricken
(Day 7) Cordelia x Lon'qu
(Day 8) Nowi x Gregor

User Info: PKRockin531

4 years ago#2
Lon'qu because a character named Noire needs black hair and I don't really care about optimizing her.

User Info: Uryvichk

4 years ago#3
This one is actually tough. Gaius gives Pass and Galeforce, but basically necessitates a physical build because he lacks the ability to pass Sage. Kellam, Libra, and Ricken all pass Sage and okayish-to-great MAG caps. Henry is kind of a waste but also passes okay caps.

I guess Gaius-Noire can be a good Assassin or something.

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#4
I voted Henry, though admittedly I maybe should have sat this one out as well. Even if romantic is the last thing that can describe their relationship, I really like how Henry's unhinged cheeriness plays off of Tharja's cynical gloominess. There's just something about two the creepy Dark Mages hooking up that I find appealing. I also really like Tharja's last lines in their S support: "You know, he may truly be crazy...I mean, what kind of proposal was that? Still, it's not like I'm the most normal person around either. Who knows? Perhaps it's the perhaps match."

That, and Noire - both the one we're familiar and the one from the present time - may be better off since despite his lack of sanity, Henry is apparently a good father.
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User Info: doireallyexist

4 years ago#5
I actually paired Tharja with Gregor and that seems to make my Noire pretty strong. Also, now I can't see Noire with any other hair colour lol.

The Tharja/Gregor support convos also reveal some pretty interesting information, which is why I pursued this couple.

User Info: typhone004

4 years ago#6
Why are you hating friendly Gregor?
GT: SidewaysHorizon
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User Info: almostexactly

4 years ago#7
Oh I see your game. All the other polls don't have MaleMU as his own option (not even a mention in the "other" section) but now Tharja rolls along, BAM top of the options.

User Info: BlueFir3

4 years ago#8
almostexactly posted...
Oh I see your game. All the other polls don't have MaleMU as his own option (not even a mention in the "other" section) but now Tharja rolls along, BAM top of the options.

Ah sorry, im not trying to manipulate results or anything like that. I havent beaten the game yet since im still grinding characters and supports, so i dont have the Support Gallery thing in the extras. USUALLY i look at an official page for all the supports to post down in their order, but sometimes my 3DS is much easier to access, so i look at the supports through my own file. My Male MU married Tharja, so when i looked at her supports, My MU was at the top, and i just copied down from there. Sorry for any confusion.

User Info: BlueFir3

4 years ago#9
Tharja needs some human loooooove.. and flesh samples.

User Info: TheSolcity

4 years ago#10
TharjaxAvatar. It's the only option.
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