What character in FE did you hate at first but grew to love?

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  3. What character in FE did you hate at first but grew to love?

User Info: InfectedGirls

4 years ago#11
I didn't really like Cynthia at first. I thought she was an annoying little brat who disrespected sumia, until I got completely through the conversation and just felt sorry for her and felt really bad for hating her.

User Info: Airship_Canon

4 years ago#12
I've yet to encounter a "Zelos" as it were. (I say that because early on, I used to hate Zelos in Tales of Symphonia. He grew on me, and is generally one of my favorite characters.)

Now there is Gameplay!FE9!Astrid. I really didn't like Astrid. Then I discovered "give her a Forged bow" and then OMG. (Sadly, she's irredeemably suck in FE10. (Except Easymode or the Random Number Goddess saying otherwise (First due to Easy mode being Exactly what it says on the tin, and the latter is capable of making anyone a god under any circumstance))

User Info: Wild_Mantine

4 years ago#13
Hmm. I really don't know...

Maybe... Florina? I wasn't all that impressed with the "oh, I'm so clumsy and shy and meek" stereotype of a weak, helpless character. This distaste developed when I played the game for the first time... over 9 years ago, when I was much younger and had far less patience for annoying surface level characters. But through a few supports, and blessings from the RNG goddess, she slowly became one of my most devastating units. Every play through of Blazing Sword now has a safe spot on the team for Florina.
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User Info: Brady672_AT_fan

4 years ago#14
supershyguy65 posted...
Lissa. Seemed like a whiny weak brat when the game was first shown but thanks to localization, Galeforce access, Owain, and silly character traits she really turned out to be one of my favorites.

This. I thought I would hate her, but she's great!
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#15
I used to think that Sigurd is broken, and then I used Marth without his pants
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#16
I suppose to be specific, I thought I'd be indifferent to Cynthia. I rarely get annoyed by her type, but if I find their personality a bit much, they go onto my indifferent list. Instead I consider her to be one of the funniest characters in this game, and a friendly, amiable girl.

I also didn't expect Nah to become my favorite character. I didn't really think much of her at first, but as I went through her supports, I found out what a complex character she is (though what the heck is up with some of romantic supports?) and came to respect and adore her.
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User Info: St0ve1

4 years ago#17
at first, i thought gerome was a really annoying, depressed guy, but then i realized he was batman, and now dark knight gerome is on every mission.
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User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#18

Though I still won't marry her. I'm sticking with Lucina.
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User Info: teh_kyle00

4 years ago#19
I would actually say Nah. Took about four A rank supports before she grew on me.
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User Info: FlyingDeCow

4 years ago#20
Serra. She's so annoying, I couldn't stand it. Now I find it endearing.
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