The Ideal Class for This Unit Day 8: Panne and Gaius

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User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#1
Sorry for being a little late getting this up today.

We're going to go through every playable character in the game to determine what class helps them best serve the team, starting with the parent generation, then the children's generation, and we'll close with the Avatar and Morgan. I'll basically be going in the order that characters are listed on the Fire Emblem Wiki page (, excepting, again, Avatar and Morgan for last.

Vote for the 2nd Tier class that you think the units are best/most efficient as.

Some things you might consider when casting a vote (but you don't have to):
-Unit statistics.
-Skills that you want a unit to be able to pass down as a parent.
-Skills that you want a unit to be able to use effectively upon inheritance.
-How "necessary" it is for a given unit to be a certain class (i.e., if you feel that Class A has many representatives who fulfill the role of that class better than a unit in the discussion, perhaps you are inclined to have that unit be Class B instead).

Yesterday's result: Pretty comfortable wins for Sage for Ricken and Valkyrie for Maribelle, although both units got "Benchwarmer votes." Um...yeah. Not much else to say, I guess. Good discussion in yesterday's topic centered mostly around Maribelle as a Valkyrie vs. Maribelle as a Sage.

TODAY'S UNITS: Panne and Gaius

-Chrom: Great Lord
-Lissa: Sage
-Frederick: Great Knight
-Sully: Paladin
-Virion: Sniper
-Stahl: Paladin
-Vaike: Berserker
-Miriel: Sorceror
-Sumia: Falcon Knight
-Kellam: General
-Donnel: Hero
-Lon'qu: Swordmaster
-Ricken: Sage
-Maribelle: Valkyrie
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User Info: Wooly_of_Doom

4 years ago#2
Taguel and assassin

User Info: Scirel

4 years ago#3
Panne is easy as a wyvern Lord. She has stats that rival the kids' early on and is really useful when you're trying to recruit your first few kids.

I paired Panne and Gaius on my first play, but I always struggled ot keep gaius up because of his low defense. THis I have no idea what class he should be at the end.
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User Info: dillo9000

4 years ago#4
Gaius is a monster as an Assassin in my experiences.
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User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#5
Wyvern Lord and Assassin. Panne wants the strength and defense it provides and it makes her a monster during gameplay while Gaius likes the high speed that Assassin provides for him.

User Info: MegaSlime

4 years ago#6
I was choosing between Wyvern Lord or Assassin for Panne, but I made Nowi the Wyvern Lord so I decided to with Assassin for Panne. Haven't looked back since.

Assassin and Assassin.
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User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#7
Panne: Taguel, because only one other will typically be able to, and Beastbane is a great skill
Gaius: Assassin, no question.
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User Info: Gokotsu

4 years ago#8
As much as I like Taguel, I'd probably have to give it to wyvern lord just for the ability to pass on lancebreaker to Yarne. As for Gaius, Assassin.
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User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#9
Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.

User Info: TheRuneseeker

4 years ago#10
Panne - Taguel. I train her as an Assassin, Griffon Rider, and Wyvern Lord, and switch her back. Absolute beast (pun intended), even in Lunatic. 10-11 move is icing on the cake.

Gaius - Assassin. Tried it once, never considered anything else for him after that, he was so good.
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