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Rate the Skill, Chapter 37: Vengeance and Tomebreaker

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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#1
I get the feeling that one of today's skills will be starring a Paralogue soon...

-Skill Ranking-

S Rank:
*Aether (Great Lord,Lv5)
*Veteran (Tactician,Lv1)
*Sol (Hero,Lv5)!A
*Galeforce (Dark Flier, Lv15)

A Rank:
*Rightful King (Great Lord,Lv15)
*Ignis (Grandmaster,Lv5)
*Rally Spectrum (Grandmaster,Lv15)
*Armsthrift (Mercenary,Lv1)!S
*Astra (Swordmaster,Lv5)!
*Vantage (Myrmidon,Lv10)!B
*Aegis (Paladin,Lv15)
*Luna (Great Knight,Lv5)
*Dual Guard+ (Great Knight,Lv15)
*Pavise (General,Lv15)
*Aptitude (Villager,Lv1)
*Swordbreaker (Wyvern Lord,Lv15)
*Deliverer (Griffon Rider,Lv5)

B Rank:
*Dual Strike+ (Lord,Lv1)
*Axebreaker (Hero,Lv15)
*Swordfaire (Swordmaster,Lv15)
*Locktouch (Thief,Lv1)
*Movement +1 (Thief,Lv10)
*Lucky Seven (Trickster,Lv5)
*Special Dance (Dancer,Lv15)
*Rally Speed (Falcon Knight,Lv5)
*Lancefaire (Falcon Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Movement (Dark Flier, Lv5)
*Rally Strength (Warrior,Lv5)
*Counter (Warrior,Lv15)
*Wrath (Berserker,Lv5)
*Axefaire (Berserker,Lv15)
*Lancebreaker (Griffon Rider,Lv15)
*Bowbreaker (Bow Knight,Lv15)
*Lifetaker (Dark Knight,Lv15)
*Anathema (Dark Mage,Lv10)

C Rank:
*Solidarity (Tactician,Lv10)
*Patience (Mercenary,Lv10)
*Avoid +10 (Myrmidon,Lv1)
*Lethality (Assassin,Lv5)!B
*Pass (Assassin,Lv15)
*Acrobat (Trickster,Lv15)
*Discipline (Cavalier,Lv1)
*Defender (Paladin,Lv5)
*Defense +2 (Knight,Lv1)
*Rally Defense (General,Lv5)
*Speed + 2 (Pegasus Knight,Lv1)
*Relief (Pegasus Knight,Lv10)
*Underdog (Villager,Lv1)
*HP +5 (Fighter,Lv1)
*Zeal (Fighter,Lv10)
*Despoil (Barbarian,Lv1)!
*Gamble (Barbarian,Lv10)
*Strength +2 (Wyvern Rider,Lv1)
*Quick Burn (Wyvern Lord,Lv5)
*Hit Rate +20 (Sniper,Lv5)
*Bowfaire (Sniper,Lv15)
*Magic +2 (Mage,Lv1)
*Focus (Mage,Lv10)
*Hex (Dark Mage,Lv1)

D Rank:
*Charm (Lord,Lv10)
*Luck +4 (Dancer,Lv1)
*Outdoor Fighter (Cavalier,Lv10)
*Indoor Fighter (Knight,Lv10)
*Tantivity (Wyvern Rider,Lv10)
*Skill +2 (Archer,Lv1)
*Prescience (Archer,Lv10)
*Rally Skill (Bow Knight,Lv5)
*Slow Burn (Dark Knight,Lv5)


Ignis: 5/10
Veteran: 5/10
Special Dance: 5/10
Relief: 4/10
Rally Spectrum: 2/10
Rightful King: 1/10
Strength +2: 1/10
Rally Movement: 1/10
Defense +2: 1/10
Magic +2: 1/10
Confession Time!
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#2
Paralogue & Nomination Rules:
Characters who can learn either skill: Tharja, Henry, Miriel, Cordelia, Libra, Severa, Laurent, Noire, Gangrel, Aversa, Avatar, Morgan.

Characters that can inherit the skill and the class required: Lucina (Avatar), Cynthia (Henry, Avatar), Owain, Inigo, Brady, Kjelle, Gerome, Yarne, Nah.

Both of today's skills are S-rank because Nosferatu...just kidding!

Vengeanceis another offensive proc skill with an activation rate (it's Skill x2). When it activates, and it will be doing that often, you will get a bonus damage added to your attack. This bonus damage has it's own formula: (Max HP-Current HP)/2

So, the more damage you take, the more you will deal with Vengeace. Alas, it requires a decent beating to be useful and that's quite risky. Thankfully, there are some other skills that also require a beating to activate that combo really,really well with this one: Vantage and Wrath.

If you couple that with a reliable way to heal yourself, you will get a unit that's very, very hard to kill. And that's awesome! The thing is, on it's own, it's not as awesome, and that's makes me give it an A rank instead of a S rank.

Tomebreaker gives the user a +50 Hit/Avoid bonus when their opponent is equipped with a Tome.

Tomes are usually the most dangerous enemy weapons, thanks to the high number of average/low Resistance units. This can really help many units to survive longer. Tomes generally have very variable Hit rates, so it sometimes might not help you that much, mostly against wind mages. Still, I also give it an A Rank.
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6

User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#3
Vengeance-A This skill is one of those ones the AI uses to murder me which I can also use-A

Tome breaker-A(stops Dark/Thunder magic users from murdering you very useful best of the breaker skills)

User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#4
B for Vengeance
B for Tomebreaker

Vengeance at best adds 42 damage assuming you are maxed HP + using a HP tonic at 1 hp left. Which is amazing, but you never want to be this low. Ever.

So instead let's assume somewhere safe and decent which will be at half HP from max without a tonic so 40 due to allowing Vantage to work with it. Adds 20 damage, which is nice.

Now let's consider when you are going to really ever have that much HP and when it would matter where it's needed.

The only time you will really be capping HP is for post game content where you have grinded and most things aren't going to be a bother unless it's for Series 2 DLC. Here, I doubt you want to be somewhere where Vengeance is actually a good damage increaser because it will be likely too risky to be that low.

For in game and story purposes in a no grind run, you will at best be around 60 hp meaning it can potentially add some great damage there.

With Vantage I'd give this skill an A, on it's standalone which I've been rating most of these skills, it's a B and only because of story purposes and its high activation rate.

Tomebreaker I shouldn't really have to go into, though like other breaker skills, I'm not very fond of actually using.
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User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

4 years ago#5
Vengeance S rank: You can actually get it to work 100% of the time with little commitment, and paired with Vantage you don't even have to worry about enemies with counter if your health is low enough. You are practically immortal if you have a weapon with 1-2 range with said combo. You can also use it with forged Aversa's Night to heal off any damage you take if you don't want to use Vantage. Even with zero commitment, it still gives respectable bonus damage a very reliable amount of the time. IMO it is the single best skill in the game.

Tomebreaker B rank: I feel its less important on male characters due to +10 res, but it is still the best breaker IMO... even so, I can't find myself using it on MU/spotpass/high class option characters in favor of others skills, which is what is keeping me from giving it an A. If Street Pass was factored in these polls (don't know), I might give it an S though...
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User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#6
Vengeance: B it has a nice proc rate, but the fact that you need to be seriously injured for this to do any noticeably extra damage makes it risky, plus you have to get hit in the first place which I'm sure lots try to actively avoid.

Tome Breaker: A, great for any low res class or character, especially when you get to enemies with forged A rank tomes, probably the best overall breaker.
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User Info: Niteclaw1028

4 years ago#7
Both A

Nominate Veteran
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#8
Nominate Strength +2.
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User Info: typhone004

4 years ago#9
vengeance: A- Has some nasty combos with miracle/vantage, but can still be good without them. The activation rate is really high and it has low priority, so it won't get in the way if you need something like sol to activate.

Tomebreaker: S- The best breaker skill by far. There are so many enemy tome users in this game, and resistance is a very hard stat to level up on a large number of units/classes. Being able to get rid of this giant threat is worth no less than an S.

Edit: Nominate magic +2. Thanks above poster for helping nominate the +2 skills =)
GT: SidewaysHorizon
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User Info: kingbriann

4 years ago#10
a for both
venegance has good activation rate but its risky for a char to be really low health.
requires skills like vantage or renewal to pair up with it to work like a charm

a for tome breaker.
sorcs are just too legit with them spamming aversa night.

tomes are prob the most commonly used so having that + 50 avoid is a +
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