Henry's Wife

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User Info: shadowray7

4 years ago#1
I can't decide between Lissa and Sumia

If Lissa, then Owain gets no negative modifiers and can become an amazing well anything really.

But if I go with Sumia, Cynthia can become an actual usable Dark Flier. That and Sumia has like next to no options.

User Info: pizzaman95

4 years ago#2
Who else is left for Sumia to marry?
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User Info: shadowray7

4 years ago#3
Frederick and....

Yeah that's it.

User Info: President_Marth

4 years ago#4
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#5
I dunno about Sumia's but Lissax Henry's A support is sweet. S was a bit of a letdown though.
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User Info: WebbOMG

4 years ago#6
The correct conflict is Maribelle or Sumia.

Also, considering the relationship between Lissa and Maribelle I don't think Henry x Maribelle x Lissa is far-fetched.

User Info: Cheesepower5

4 years ago#7
Henry is a damn good sire, even if Lissa/Sumia/Maribelle are all tied up, he's still a top choice for Gerome or Yarne.
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User Info: ViralKite

4 years ago#8
If you don't plan on pairing Sumia with Chrom, then pair with Henry if you want. But, I'd probably pair her with Frederick.

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