Throughout all of the Fire Emblem games, which strategy do you use the most?

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  3. Throughout all of the Fire Emblem games, which strategy do you use the most?

User Info: jeffheng

4 years ago#41
I had only played the us ones. Every game except for this one, i played slow moving usually and look for choke points and advantageous terrain. This one, i play final emblem and just send out my units to trade hits with the enemies like random encounters.
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User Info: lighting_rock84

4 years ago#42
My main strategy is that I tend to send my Strongest guys first and I tend to at least split up into 2 groups.
In a Defend, I will send at least 2 or 3 of my strongest guys go out and kill while everyone stays and defend or move out slowly.
Fog of war Chapters I split everyone up aside from my weaker units who huddle together.
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User Info: Sharpened_Dirk

4 years ago#43
I form a circle usually.

strongest at the border, casters behind them in a cross. healer in the middle.
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User Info: DarkAres_02

4 years ago#44
Stay in the edge of enemy range and pick them off as they come at me, usually.

I almost never split up my party unless I need to save a village or NPC.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#45
After the children paralogues open up, the game basically ends for me. I do them all at once. Takes forever to do Nahs since most of my character are under leveled for it, but by the time I am done, they are overleveled. Then I just kill everything and don't do anything stupid. Before then, i just make sure my characters are in chokepoints and out of range of a suprise reinforcement kill. In SD I created squads of units to deal with different situations. Rearguard, vanguard, thief team, healer team, and gharnef killing team, to deal with most enemies.

User Info: andodel

4 years ago#46
I throw my units at the enemy when they're weaker, or hang back and use the combo system/tiles to give me the boost I need to take the enemy down.
Same in previous FE games, only without the combos :P Course, there were supports in the GBA games (Played all 3, only other FE games I've played), but it wasn't as stressed as it is in awakening.
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User Info: Chidosengan

4 years ago#47
Depends on the game/situation. I often find myself putting my units on a conga line (specially in FE4), or playing a game of Red Rover with the enemy lines.

User Info: GX000

4 years ago#48
i'm sort of the, train up my favorite character until he or (more often than not) she can kill everything without help, then i just proceed to solo just about everything with said character, killing everything in my path and letting enemies throw themselves to their deaths attacking me.

though this strategy usually gets me in big trouble in the last few chapters... and it really F's me over when i do this in Pokemon...
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  3. Throughout all of the Fire Emblem games, which strategy do you use the most?

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