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User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#31
SlashReturns posted...
A wins with a perfect victory, 5 golden letters!

As he nears you you reach your hand out and swing onto his horse, "They told me to take your towards the explosion because since you arrived we have thinned the numbers majorly. Oh my name is Stahl by the way." he smiles as he looks like he just rolled out of bed.

As you go to tell him your name, you suddenly realize you feel stronger than before. It dawns on you this feeling also came when the red Cavalier saved you, but you didn't notice until now. As you two arrive, there is a giant hole in the wall, with a sinister looking man making his way towards the Exalt. As you are about to tell Stahl to charge you notice a group of the making their way toward you as well. You need to make a snap decision and tell Stahl about the incoming group.

"Leave them to me! you save the Exalt!" he yells at you as he motions you to get off here.

"But you might..."

"Nevermind me! Her majesty comes first!" he shouts as he takes a defensive stance at the opening, "Now go!"

Your true destiny starts here hero!

A. Trust Stahl to defend the area until you dispatch of the man.
B. Refuse, hoping another ally will save the Exalt.
C. Charge past Stahl telling him to save her.

A for maximum profit, saving the Exalt will definitely put you in an advantageous situation in the future, plus you get the honor of killing Validar (the first time), good times...good times =D
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User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#32
A. Stahl, please be a total bro and come through...
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User Info: 1iq

4 years ago#33
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User Info: FlailingChair

4 years ago#34

Stahl tanks everything like a boss

User Info: SteamingWeasels

4 years ago#35
McFastly posted...

Stahl has dat defense

User Info: SlashReturns

4 years ago#36
A it is!

You trust Stahl to the defense and you turn your attention to your former employer. As you do you swell with feelings: duty, sadness, joy, all these because of the most recent events. You charge and leap into the air pointing your Lance right at his heart. As you come down, you notice your Lance impaled in a soldier who defended him. As you go to rip it out, the man turns to you and sending you flying back with a powerful Elfire hit. As you struggle to stand up, something shines in the corner of your view. the man seems to not have noticed and turned his attention completely to you. As another fireball heads your way, someone pushes you to the side as you both slide out of the way, "Rejected!" is what you hear as you see Gaius handing you your Lance.

"I'm feeling this one!" he tosses you a treat as you both charge the man. As the flings another Elfire at you, Gaius grabs your shirt and tosses you into the air, "So close!".

The man has no idea who to focus on as you come down on him hard, pinning him to the ground with your foot on his chest.

You turn to check on Stahl who seems okay as the rest of the group has crowded around him. As you turn your attention back to the exalt, she places a kiss on your forehead, then on Gaius's, "thanks to you both I was saved. I am in your debt. If you ever need anything, feel free to drop by the castle and request anything. She walks over to the other group as Gaius pats your shoulder.

"Well what's the next step Lance?" he smiles putting a lollipop in his mouth.

"Lance? but my name is..."

"Doesn't matter. That is the nickname I gave you and that's what I'm callin ya!"

"I like it." you smile as you watch the group in front of you welcome the Exalt with smiles. Now you ponder your destiny.

Choose your fate warrior.

A. Approach the group and request joining them.
B. Slip out the back with Gaius.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#37
I always listen, I just don't respond.
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User Info: 1iq

4 years ago#38
I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose B.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#39
A join Chrom.

User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#40
A. Though I did like that thug life pun.
Official Husband of Lucina
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