Why was it so difficult to get a physical copy of this game?

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  3. Why was it so difficult to get a physical copy of this game?

User Info: txrdriftking

4 years ago#1
Little bit of information; I've played and own every single FE game since 3, with a good amount of money spent getting the SNES and GBA cartridges. (Shipped from Japan, not fun.) This tally includes Shadow Dragon's remake (gasp).

When it was originally delayed from the release date, I was a little dissapointed - or, my little brother was - he's the one with the 3DS, I have my money being funded into other projects (project car FTW.)

When we finally get out to the store (GameStop), they didn't have any physical copies of the game in stock. They told me that we could download it, which I declined for two main reasons; (1) If your gaming system craps out, you can still use the cartridges/discs to play on another system (provided you can get one...), and (2) downloading the full game, with my horrible internet, would have taken forever.

Ended up ordering it, with In-Store Pickup. Week passes, I call them up - and I'm told that Nintendo still hadn't shipped the copies to them yet, and that they only were expecting TWO copies to come in.

Finally, after another TWO WEEKS of waiting, I gave up, called the store and had them change it to a mailed copy.

What seriously was the deal with getting a physical copy? Some people don't have the ability to download games quickly, or are old-school style (I usually burn games onto discs when I download them, like Surgeon Simulator or something similar.)

(By the way... loving the game already.)
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User Info: Cavious

4 years ago#2
I found the game at walmart easily

User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#3
because nintendo is a dastard
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User Info: FlyingDeCow

4 years ago#4
Nintendo was trying to drum up eShop sales, so they intentionally botched the physical release.
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User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#5
I think they just didn't have enough copies to meet initial demand or something. I wasn't able to get a copy until about...eh...three-ish weeks ago. Well worth the wait, however!
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User Info: SorrySleeping

4 years ago#6
The general theory is either

A) Nintendo didn't expect Fire Emblem to explode in popularity this well, seeing as most other games did not sell this well in the US
B) Nintendo didn't want to spend money, and is trying to get more cash by forcing people to get an eShop copy.
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User Info: Sirian_Hawk

4 years ago#7
They claimed "shipping errors", but the more paranoid (see: crazy) will tell you that they just wanted to "encourage" (see: force) more people to download it, as they make far more money that way. I'd tell you which one I believe... but they might be listening.

*puts on full tinfoil outfit* You can never be too careful. And remember... I was never here.

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User Info: therandomguy1

4 years ago#8
Same here, according to that search option on Gamestop's website, the nearest store to me that has one used is 70 miles away. And neither do the 3 Walmarts I've been to have a copy either. A reason why it might be difficult to get physical copy is that Nintendo may be trying to increase digital downloads but there may be other reasons.

User Info: EvenSpoonier

4 years ago#9
The charitable explanation is that NoA has no faith in its NA userbase, and didn't think the game would sell well. This is the stated reason for the similar issues faced by Xenoblade. The more cynical explanation is that this was an attempt to push people to buy the downloadable version. Note that neither of these explanations casts NoA in a very good light. It dropped the ball, plain and simple; the only real question is why.

There's one other idea floated around sometimes that Nintendo was trying to engineer a shortage, but this holds no water. Nintendo has made some very ill-advised moves lately, but it's not stupid enough to try to engineer a shortage for a game while at the same time offering a downloadable version. I list this idea here only for completeness.
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User Info: el_pablo65

4 years ago#10
In an official response to the issue Nintendo blamed variables in shipping as causing the launch day shortage. Then, in the same response, they stated that the game was readily available for download.

The game is still scarce, so variables in shipping have nothing to do with it at this point.

I put that, and the fact that both Amazon and Game Stop were shorted their initial pre-orders, to mean they were trying to encourage digital sales. But, clearly, I am just buying into a conspiracy theory. Nintendo would never screw over the retail stores that they were expecting to move a ton of Wii U last holiday and didn't.
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  3. Why was it so difficult to get a physical copy of this game?

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