Rate the Skill, Paralogue 5: Veteran and Ignis

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User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#21
Veteran. A. Originally I said S for very similar reasons to those defending its S rank now. But, after thinking about Aptitude, I have to put Veteran in a similar camp. Its AMAZING, yes, but eventually, it WILL lose its utility, and at that time, the skill becomes dead weight, which effectively, to me, keeps it out of S.

As for Ingis, that should be S. High proc rate + good effect (seriously, half of unused attack stat isn't anything to scoff at...). It needs to go up.
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User Info: AmicusNintendi

4 years ago#22
A for Veteran and S for Ignis.

Veteran helps immensely when reclassing an insane amount of times to get the ultimate skillset for Avatar, Morgan, Avatar!Anybody, and all the SpotPass/DLC characters. The minimum amount of XP gained for defeating an enemy seems to be eight. That's only eight XP per Bonus Skirmish. Veteran boosts that to 120 XP per Bonus Skirmish, which guarantees one level up per team summoned. It is, however, so outclassed by Paragon, that even A becomes too high a rank. This would be true... if you didn't have to pay for Paragon. Final Vote: A

Class matters not when it comes to Ignis. Looking at the Maximum Stats Chart (for classes, not characters), after applying half of each class's recessive attack stat to its dominant attack stat, the boosted dominant attack stat of stat-capped classes ranges from 55 (Tricksters, Falcon Knights) to 65 (Generals, Berserkers). Even Great Knights, with a piddly 20 cap in Mag, end up with 58 Str after Ignis. (Limit Breaker, other stat boosts, individual character stat modifiers, and Unpromoted/Special classes were not taken into account for any of this data.) This leads to the clear conclusion that Ignis does not require both high Str and high Mag to work wonders. All this plus a good activation rate (what is proc short for?) and the fact that any SpotPass/DLC unit has access to it (unlike the Lord/Great Lord Skills), equals an S.

On a side note, ChromxAvatar gives you two kids with access to both Rightful King and Ignis. Any other pairing and only certain Einherjar can have both skills.

Wanna counter my data with your own? Go right on ahead. I'm no expert after all. I could be horribly mistaken.

Wanna point out the flaws of ChromxAvatar? Start another thread.
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User Info: spyke252

4 years ago#23
You know what? I'm lowering my Veteran score to B.
Veteran is only good for earlygame if considering other skills, but that's exactly when Frederick is expected to carry you completely. If you're grinding with DLC, then Paragon is better in every way, shape, and form (though they stack). By the time you're realistically getting low enough exp for it to matter from EXPonential growth (i.e. two class changes), you should be able to get paragon, or close to it. If you're not grinding, I'll admit it's pretty amazing, but it wouldn't get higher than an A IMO, because you need at least four decent units come endgame (to actually attack the boss with less is... close to impossible), but if you limit yourself to only a few units (i.e. Chrom, MU, and two other characters of your choice- probably Cordelia/Severa), you should easily get to capped important stats and Galeforce on those who matter, along with ending in the correct class, regardless of Veteran. But because DLC is so prevalent, I'm going with the B.

Ignis is extremely overrated. Vengeance is generally better, because of the 2x proc rate (i.e. 100% reliability), even over the halving of lost hp. Consider 23-30 health lost- then the expected damage output is the same as Ignis, but 100% of the time (rather than 50% of the time getting double the damage), which means you never have unlucky streaks. 23 damage is barely one hit from the endgame enemies (and if you're being hit for less, then Ignis is just overkill anyway). I'm giving Ignis a B, though it's definitely a tier below Vengeance IMO.

User Info: RedMageKirby

4 years ago#24
Veteran is still S. Paragon being released doesn't change anything about it. It wasn't S because it made grinding easier, it allows you to have a powerful unit earlygame who snowballs ridiculously well. By the time you can get Paragon, your Avatar will be strong enough that they won't need it.

Ignis gets an A from me. It probably deserves an S, honestly, but I'm sticking with A. Skill% damage upping is really nice.
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User Info: tw1g_007

4 years ago#25
B for Veteran
A for Ignis

I have replayed lunatic+ 4 separate times without ever relying on mu's veteran skill. It's so overrated.
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User Info: IceDissolver

4 years ago#26
Veteran: S
Ignis: A

The existence of Paragon does not make Veteran any less useful. In fact, the two skills stack, so you can level even faster by tripling your leveling speed. And Ignis is a reliable source of high added damage.

User Info: MAtt5TER

4 years ago#27
Anyone who does not give Veteran S has not abused Veteran and realized how game-breaking it is.
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User Info: pew_pew

4 years ago#28
Veteran: S
Ignis: S

User Info: Pitbuller_26

4 years ago#29
Veteran: S
Practically gives the Avatar a level lead and is available right when you start the game? How is this not unanimously an S rank skill?

Ignis: A
Chances are that the units who use this skill will have at least a decent magic stat meaning its effect isn't wasted.
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#30
Double A.

Too tired to type out justifications.
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