So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

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  3. So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#11
Is_Corrupted posted...
They are good and I use them and anyone saying otherwise has yet to mature when it comes to Fire Emblem.

this. altough i find babying units that are weak to see them as monsters later is fun, i know that many prepromos are awesome.
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User Info: EvilStorm238

4 years ago#12
Most of the time, no.
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User Info: Ryuhou

4 years ago#13
Pent was really the only one that I liked. Also, the Greil Mercenaries in RD all came technically as prepromoted so...there was that.
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User Info: arvilino

4 years ago#14
Yeah, in many cases there's good reason use at least a couple of them(Since there's very little way every unpromoted unit you'll use will get enough EXP to all be better than a pre-promote) .

I see a lot of claims that they're useless but really it's a fallacy like how Jegan(or insert pre-promote) is considered a bad unit because he's outclassed by the best units in the game.

User Info: iliekpieplz

4 years ago#15
Stefan was a cool guy, I used him.
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User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#16

Some, like Ced are great, and Jeigans are good Meatshields and then there's Frederick Emblem.

Others like Say'ri, and the man himself Hannibal, are wondrous candidates for "General Hannibal's Award of General Uselessness."
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User Info: yzman

4 years ago#17
Are people not counting Frederick in the first few levels?
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User Info: MegaSlime

4 years ago#18
Frederick thanks to Lunatic mode. I've used Titania as a meat shield.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#19
Everyone have seen my post and saw how much of a prepromote fanboy I am, especially those GBA broken Palladin trio(quads in FE8)

Also FE1 Wendell, Pent, Percival, Harken, Isadora etc

As far as it goes, I used them mostly for aesthetic reason, or I simply like them. Marcus, for example or Duessel for another is satisfying to use because of their cooler potraits. Then there's something like say.... Dagda who I actually liike

Being a good unit is just another bonus, and a high bonus at that
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User Info: SmashStrike

4 years ago#20
All the time. Used Frederick a lot then reclassed him into Paladin for awesome pair up bonuses, replaced Lon'qu entirely with Say'ri, and I never once touched Nowi since recruiting her but am kicking ass with Tiki.
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