So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

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  3. So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

User Info: LaPlaceTransfor

4 years ago#21
I don't use them, but it's more of a habit than anything. Seeing as you can buy second seals and just second seal them all you want so their stats are comparable, it doesn't really matter.

User Info: X Slayer007 X

X Slayer007 X
4 years ago#22
Geitz was pretty useful during my run of HHM, though the rest I try not to use.
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User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#23
Depends on the prepromote, but usually I don't. Seems I only get prepromotes of roles I already have someone filling, or roles I really don't care to fill.

Honestly, I don't want any more paladins. Keep your Geoffrey, PoR. Using 2 is already pushing it as far as I am concerned.
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User Info: almostexactly

4 years ago#24
What, use like... bringing them to endgame?
*thinking* I brought Maribelle's husband Libra as a support buddy before.

But yeah, sure. I'll use prepromotes as long as they're on par or better then the guys I raised on the way there. I might do it anyway for flying of staff utility. If you're not one of those though, it's kinda iffy since you're competing with the attachment I have for the early soldiers I raised.

User Info: AKC12

4 years ago#25
I replaced Lon'Qu who died with Say'ri

User Info: PKRockin531

4 years ago#26
Sety wrecks faces, as does Dagda, Dean, etc.
I always dump one of Alan/Lance for Percival.
Marcus, Pent, Harken and Geitz are shoe-ins.
I use prepromos exclusively in FE8
Titania lols at FE9, I don't think I've ever used Mia/Zihark over Stefan
I don't like FE10 and can't remember anything about 11
Sirius and Etzel are amazing, Palla might as well be a prepromo that decided to un-promote herself with those bases
Anna and Libra are good staffbots

User Info: Shadow_Master_J

4 years ago#27
On FE7 and onward, most prepromotes range from usable to gamebreaker. FE11 and 12 are remakes, so exclude them from my statement (damn Jagen and Arran...)

Marcus: Jesus on Wheels (aka gamebreaker)
Isadora: Usable
Geitz: A bit meh, but usable nonetheless
Pent: Beast
Louise: Beast's Wife
Hawkeye: Usable
Karel and Harken: Almost beasts.
Jaffar: Beast
Vaida: Exception to the list. Gawds, take her from here.
Karla: Read Vaida
Renault: Terrible offense, but great healer if you have none.

Innes: Great. Neimi and him end up almost equal if she goes Sniper.
Dozla: Well... he's usable.
Saleh: FE8's Pent.
Rennac: FE8's Vaida.
Duessel: Great tank, can last until endgame fine.
Syrene: They weren't happy having 3 good Pegasus Knights on FE7. They wanted it like FE6...

Titania: Ashnard is the only thing stopping her laugh (unlike Seth)
Stefan: HAHAHAHA- (Ashnard again)
Devdan: If you got Nephenee killed somehow.
Tanith: Reinforcement. GG Free baits.
Shinon: Only on next game.
Calill: Usable
Tauroneo: Usable
Haar: Good.
Bastian: If you screw up with Soren, Illyana, Tormod AND Calill, don't use him anyway.
Lucia: We have Stefan, Mia and Zihark.
Geoffrey: Paragon, good bases stats, high level, good growths.
Elincia: Infinite Brave Sword 2.0

On FE10 90% of the units are promoted already.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#28
I disagree with

Harken vs Karel - karel kinda sucks. Harken is much better

Vaida - She is flying Harken. She can actually ORKO Limstella and she has DAT weapon rank
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

User Info: ONinetails

4 years ago#29
DemiseEnd posted...
As far as it goes, I used them mostly for aesthetic reason, or I simply like them. Marcus, for example or Duessel for another is satisfying to use because of their cooler potraits. Then there's something like say.... Dagda who I actually liike

Being a good unit is just another bonus, and a high bonus at that

Yeah, same here.
I've used units like Arran, Zealot, Renault, Samson and Sheema (in the remake, at least), simply because I liked them as characters... Unless I'm doing a challenge run or something, I just use whomever I like. It makes the game more enjoyable.

Jagen characters, in particular, have always appealed to me. RD Sothe (if he can be considered one) is the only exception I can think of right now.

User Info: Holy_Oblivion

4 years ago#30
Misinterpreted. Should've said yes. I used Titania. She was freaking awesome.
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  3. So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

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