So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

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User Info: luxapollo

4 years ago#31
Shadow_Master_J posted...

Innes: Great. Neimi and him end up almost equal if she goes Sniper.
Dozla: Well... he's usable.
Saleh: FE8's Pent.
Rennac: FE8's Vaida.
Duessel: Great tank, can last until endgame fine.
Syrene: They weren't happy having 3 good Pegasus Knights on FE7. They wanted it like FE6...


You, sir, have made my day. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard about anything FE related than comparing Rennac to Vaida. Lol.
"Yeah, sure, you're cool! Whatever..." -Ness' Mom

User Info: VirusLord

4 years ago#32
Rarely. Aside from Lunatic mode, I generally always bench the start-of-the-game Paladin at the first available opportunity, and later on I usually already have a team picked out and there's no room for any silly prepromotes, which are often inferior to my trained units anyway. That said, Pent is a boss.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#33
If i need skills from them (vantage, armsthrift, etc.), then yes.

EDIT: oh, you mean units who are promotes from the get-go. In that case, I usually don't use them, with rare exceptions.
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User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#34
Yes. No reason not to. Basically Lv 21 w/ their last class's skills so you shouldnt feel bad if you plan on starting to use them a bit later. They are worth raising though. Say'ri has a good class selection, Frederick is a great father for a Tank child, everyone else has high enough stats to be usable immediately.
Dry Bones+Magikruiser FTW in MKW ^-^

User Info: Chrebet808

4 years ago#35
i use rennac once i get him so i dont have to worry about lockpicks running out

also jaffar
I was programmed to kill your ass!

User Info: Zr2456

4 years ago#36
Of the games I've played...

FE8 - sometimes Duessel, sometimes Dozla, and almost always Syrene
FE9 - Titania, Stefan a little bit, and I forget the rest of the prepromotes in this game.
FE10 - Sothe only because he's mandatory, everyone else because this game was silly with promotion.
FE11 - No? I don't remember any except Jeigan.
FE13 - Yes to all because second seals.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#37
I use prepromotes if I like them, same as any other character. So Echidna*, Juno**, Geitz, Jaffar, Rennac, Say'ri... I guess I used Titania, but only because I felt kind of understaffed at the beginning of PoR (by which I mean I couldn't just ignore all my cavalry units like I prefer to).

*At this point all my credibility goes out the window.
**If not then, then here for sure.
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User Info: ONinetails

4 years ago#38
Zr2456 posted...
FE11 - No? I don't remember any except Jeigan.

Not even Sedgar and Wolf? :(

User Info: Flaktrooper123

4 years ago#39
Sure, I always use Sirius and Etzel in FE12.

User Info: Teh_Maimed

4 years ago#40
Anna and if you count Tiki, her too.
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