So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

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  3. So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

User Info: TimeMage2

4 years ago#51
MegaSlime posted...
Frederick thanks to Lunatic mode.

I also used Pent in FE7. There might be others I don't remember right now.

User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#52
Varies some I have a high tendency to uses like the Jagen types especially ones like Tiantina,Fredrick ect...
other examples of note is I used Minerva in Shadow dragon as she was of the select few characters in the game that had ANY development...
oh and Shinon... there is always Shinon...

User Info: EpsteinBarr

4 years ago#53
Prepromotes were the majority of my team in the past FEs. My FE7 team usually consisted of the lords and Marcus, Isadora, Harken, Pent, Jaffar, Hawkeye, and Vaida.

User Info: Emperor_Z

4 years ago#54
No, but in retrospect, I had little reason not to

User Info: KevinCC

4 years ago#55
In this game, I use them because they're as good as everyone else. Frederick gets an early Second Seal to keep him on par, but Libra doesn't because his stats are better.

In previous games, I only used some of the better ones: Pent, Louise, Hawkeye, sometimes Karel, Archsage Athos, maybe Duessel, Saleh, Syrene, Innes, Stefan and Tauroneo on occasion, and most of the cast in RD started off in their second or third tier classes, so they count.
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User Info: teh_kyle00

4 years ago#56
Titania, Seth, Sothe, and Stefan are the ones I can think of off the top of my head that I have legitimately used.

EDIT: Completely forgot Shinon, how did I do that?
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User Info: Hrothdane

4 years ago#57
I've used Pent, Jaffar, Hawkeye, Shinon, Titania, Seth, Innes, and Volke (in Radiant Dawn).

User Info: Zr2456

4 years ago#58
ONinetails posted...
Zr2456 posted...
FE11 - No? I don't remember any except Jeigan.

Not even Sedgar and Wolf? :(

I forgot they were prepromotes. I forgot they were anything other than 200% HP growth machines.

User Info: robinhoek

4 years ago#59
Just depends. Typically I don't but if I really like the character I will. The problem I experience is that I typically get the prepromotes late enough in the game that I've already chosen my party. At least for the first play through.

User Info: blasster

4 years ago#60
If this "use" is for endgame units, then;

FE6 - Can't remember anyone in particular.
FE7 - Harken, Pent.
FE8 - Seth.
FE9 - Titania, Tanith.
FE10 - If you count 3rd tier as prepromote, then Elincia, otherwise too many from 2nd tier.
FE11 - Sedgar, Wolf.
FE12 - Sirius.
FE13 - Second seals make everyone viable.
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  3. So, prepromotes. Do you use them?

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