On the subject of "Pair Up"

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User Info: DullahanEX

4 years ago#21
It's a great mechanic and it's basically what drew me to this game. It could use some tweaks here and there but it works very well for the most part.

Kinda hoping that enemies can use it too in the next game, but it's no huge loss if doesn't happen.
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User Info: TheLastBlade

4 years ago#22
I like the pair up idea because hey, other units does something. But IS needs to consider these things:

- Have attacks that actually hurt the partner: In a way like some sort of guard thing. And we can have something like a Guard Break or a Critical Break that has the partner take full or a certain amount of damage, depending on the partner's level.
- Make sure to work out the percentage rate
- Have the option to Attack or Guard in player or enemy phase for the partner
- Bring back the rescue option because that ally AI is ****ing stupid.
- Bring an idea that could be considered "Synch Up.": What I'm hoping this could do is that instead of using the pair up to up a certain unit's stats, they could use the synch up system to boost them instead of pair up upping everything and the pair will just boost the in battle stats (like hit or avoid).

User Info: helldew

4 years ago#23
easy solution for pair up.

Make it an ability Thus in order to pair up and use its bonus`s your team must be built around it.

the big problem pair up has right now is the stat gains. as a result the enemies in lunatic have stupidly inflated stats (compare the enemies pace in Lunatic to FE12 which has far better pacing and the enemies work a lot better there).
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  3. On the subject of "Pair Up"

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