Tharja's birthday

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User Info: Gamecube_Gamer

4 years ago#1
What did the team get?

And also, Tharja seems to like the MU, and wants him for herself. That wouldn't be a bad thing, except he's a married man.
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User Info: pizzaman95

4 years ago#2
A Glass Bow.

And in my game, the Avatar is a married woman and Tharja still wants her.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#3
pizzaman95 posted...
A Glass Bow.

And in my game, the Avatar is a married woman and Tharja still wants her.

Who says she didn't already have you at the end of the A Support?
Hector x Farina - OTP of FE.

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#4
Got a Reeking box on my first file
Got a M. Pyre on my second file
Got a Rift Door on my last file.

Tharja just got her wish and shes now happily married to the Male Avatar.

Her reaction :
I liked this Story....

User Info: 1iq

4 years ago#5
Innes' bow, useless since the closest thing to an archer that I have is noire.
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User Info: empireoffire

4 years ago#6
I got a Slack Bow for the 3rd birthday in a row.
size does not matter....weight does.
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User Info: IlluminaZer0

4 years ago#7
On my primary file I got a log...
Then in my initial file where my Avatar is married to Tharja I got a tree branch.

I really wonder if Tharja has hexed my game due to me constantly badmouthing her as a mother/wife...
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User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#8
superior lance on one file and superior sword on the other...

User Info: Akira502002

4 years ago#9
glass axe
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User Info: supershyguy65

4 years ago#10
Cold shoulder. Stop stalking me! You are already married!

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