So since Frederick had an artist draw a naked poster of Chrom....

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  3. So since Frederick had an artist draw a naked poster of Chrom....

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#51
Ha ha ha, oh my sides! Ha ha ha! XD

I'm betting Tharja would either track down the artist to get him/her to paint the Avatar in the same way, or become inspired and do it herself.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#52
Apologizes if you suffered any internal injuries.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#53
I wonder what Aversa's reaction would be...
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#54
Eh? Still requests?

Who did I not get so far anyway?
Hector x Farina - OTP of FE.

User Info: dadkwashere

4 years ago#55
Do excellus, emmeryn, the final boss, and validar.
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User Info: Gokotsu

4 years ago#56
If you want request, I request Inigo and Noire.
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User Info: finaleus

4 years ago#57

User Info: Sentinel07

4 years ago#58
Inigo, Severa, and Cynthia please.

User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#59
Cervantes - I see that Ylissean's are lacking not only upon their face when it comes to hair...

Excellus - What is this?! W-what, what, WHAT?! This is not as I imagined it at all, my plans are ruined!!! It was supposed to be BIGGER just as I had imagined it! Damn those Ylissean's!

Emmeryn - Uhhh.... Ahhh.... Mmmmm...
Lissa - Emm? ...Are you okay? What're you doing?
Emmeryn - !

Grima-MU - ...This.... Justifies... Everything!

Validar - Perhaps I may be open for negotiation after all.
Grima-MU - !

Inigo - Not bad. Not bad at all.

Noire - Eeeek! Such growth is unnatural! A CURSE?!

Lon'qu - Hmph. Basilio is still the largest.

Severa - ...
Inigo - Something the matter?
Severa - N-no!
Inigo - What do you have there?
Severa - Nothing! Go away!
Inigo - Hahaha, if you say so.
Severa - ...Thank gawds that Mother didn't marry him. ...BECAUSE HE'S MINE!
Inigo - Oh, I forgot some...thing?
Severa - !
Inigo - Why are you hugging that poster?
Severa - What?! No, I'm not! I'm DESTROYING IT!
*Tears up*
Inigo - Awkward...
Severa - Good, he's gone.
Severa - ...Darn, such a waste. ...They BETTER have more! I deserve this! ME!

Cynthia - Wait... That pose, that glare, and that heroic aura!!! I feel invigorated and look at the army! They 're all screaming in delight and have all that energy to run around now! Yes, yes! It's all clear to me on what I must do as a Hero! Now let's see here... Hey! Who posted this?
Soldier - Sir Frederick.
Cynthia - Right! Heeeeey! Frederick! Do me, do me, do me! I'm Hero Material too!
Frederick - Oh?
Sumia - Noooooooo! Cynthia!!!
Hector x Farina - OTP of FE.

User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 years ago#60
Since you're doing requests, could you do Say'ri, Tiki, and Emmeryn Both before and after her amnesia.
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