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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#491
You see that the halberdier has taken up some sort of defensive stance. You take short leap backwards to join him. The berserkers advance forward, still fanned out. You spew mist breath at the closest of the advancing bandits in order to drive them back. A few are hit, but it fails to deter them. The first tomahawk comes quizzing by your ear. You duck your head to the side and release a second bout of mist breath. These connect and those that are hit get sent flying. The rest of the berserkers rush at you and the halberdier. The halberdier is able to hold his own, against the horde, the girl begins an odd twirling routine, and moving her baton in sync with her movements, until
The baton seems to become part of her, until the dance is a swirl of grace and beauty. This inspires you to work harder, twice as hard in fact. The Halberdier seems to have the same idea, because he starts pushing back against the horde of beserkers surrounding him. You dispatch the rest of the beserkers around you. You became somewhat injured during the fight, but it isn't too bad, and you devour one Berserker to reinvigorate you. The dancing has stopped, you turn to see the dancer fighting two beserkers. She doesn't have very effective strikes , she is quick, but can't manage to do a lot of damage. The berserkers seem unable to hit her back. The remaining berserkers surround the Halberdier. His offense is not as effective as his defense, and his offensive maneuvers, Though brave, seem to be less effective, opening him up to counterstrikes. The warrior sits back, examining you, when he notices you watching, he draws and arrow and fires it at you, you duck your head and the arrow misses, soaring by just above.
You have three targets to deal with, which one shall you target first?

A. Threat to Dancer
B. Threat to Halberdier
C. Threat to you.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings

User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#492
Either B. or C. because the Dancer doesn't seem to be in huge trouble and the Halberdier is struggling, but I'm worried that we'd expose our back to a well-placed arrow in a vulnerable spot or that he decides to target the dancer who will have a hard time dealing with arrows. I'll see what the others think first before making my final choice.

Oh and we're less than 10 posts away from the 500 posts milestone so congratulations in advance Osranger =D

Edit: Actually, I'll go A. we'll gain another action anyways if she dances for us after we save her.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#493
A. In case we can only save one, I'm going with the one that DOESN'T hit us with javelins. Plus, the sooner the dancer's out of combat, the sooner she's back to dancing.

User Info: BladeOfSilence

4 years ago#494
A. Save the dancer, that will let her boost everyone else.
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#495
A. Once we get her out of trouble she can dance for us and we can focus on saving the Devdan of this story.
Darkness and light. Chaos and order. I will be the sword that severs the balance. Behold, the glimmering new world.

User Info: SwordMasterEX

4 years ago#496
I wanna say the dancer can dodge those berserkers and the Halberdier needs the help because of the weapon triangle disadvantage, but that warrior seems to pose an actual threat to us leaving me perplexed on my stance in this choice. However we do have a lord stone, and the Halberdier can only do so much on his own so......

B- for strategy!
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#497
A. B got second, so it will happen next.

You decide to aid the dancer. You turn and slam one of her attackers into a nearby tree. The second turns to you, and throws a romp hawk straight at you. You raise an arm to defend yourself, and it embeds itself in your arm. You are angered, you scream at the bandit,"You are dead!" And hit him directly with your mist breath. Now out of danger, the dancer returns to her routine, and you are filled with energy. You turn your attention to the Halberdier and his enemies. He is struggling, but you rush to help him. With a swipe of your claws, a Beserker goes flying through the air. Two more turn to you, and are dispatched quickly. Suddenly, an arrow embeds itself in your face, barely missing your eye. You turn toward the warrior, opening your mouth, to ready your breath attack. The warrior is angry and sends an arrow right into it. It scrapes against your mouth, glancing off of your palate and finds flesh in your cheek. You bite down on the arrow, snapping it in half, and spit it out. You are disoriented, almost swallowing an arrow is never a good thing. The warrior lowers his bow and tries to win you over. Meanwhile, the halberdier behind you slays the rest of the berserkers.

"Hand over the girl! She is my property. I bought her from Derdan myself before it was sacked. This boy stole her from me!"

"Why should I believe you?" You ask."

"The girl has a brand on her right arm. Her dress has been torn in the fight, you can look for yourself."

You glance over at her. She tries to hide it, but the warrior is right, there is a brand on her arm, that was previously hidden. He speaks the truth then, or partially at least.

"There are no laws against keeping slaves in Altnoir, only buying them. This boy had no right to take her."

You may have lost your memory, but some instinct tells you that he speaks the truth. For a bandit, he is quite bright to know such loopholes like that.

The halberdier hurls his spear at the warrior, who sidesteps and fires an arrow into the halberdier's gut. The young man doubles over, but he remains alive.

"What do you want?" You ask him.

"To bargain. You are the last thing standing between me and the girl. You also dropped out of he sky without knowing everything about the situation beforehand. This is all a misunderstanding."

"Who are you?" You ask. You have never heard a bandit make a deal before.

As if reading your mind, he answers,"I am not a bandit, if that's what you are thinking. I am Goram," he says bowing, "the leader of the Steelsong mercenaries. I am willing to offer you a great deal of money, an excellent sword, and to guard you wherever you are going."

"That seems a lot for just a girl." You say suspiciously.

"Money is of no issue to me, and the girl is... Precious. I swear to you that I will hod to my side of the bargain if you do." He takes out a knife and cuts his hand, showing it to you."

"I swear on my own blood for 100 generations. Oh, and if you give us the boy alive, you can get a little extra. I personally don't care for him and would let him go, but I lost a few good men today and their brothers in arms would like their revenge."

His offer is enormous, but then you realize he is buying for time. It is too late however, as reinforcements come out of the trees. Heroes gather on either side of him, and horsemen appear from the sides.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings

User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#498
"Ah, there they are, I was wondering when they would show up."

You curse yourself for letting him lull you into a false sense of security while you debated about his legal rights. Now he has the upper hand again!

"You deceived me!" You growl, " I can't trust a word you say."

"You wound me sir, I have not lied in any sense of the word. I simply increased my chance of surviving. Our offer still stands," he replies calmly, "What do you choose to do?"

A. End this! Attack!
B. Give him Dancer
C. Give him Dancer and Halberdier
D. Flee alone
E. Flee with Dancer, leave other behind
F. Flee with Halberdier, leave other behind
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings

User Info: C_D_M

4 years ago#499
You really don't pull any punches during these X missions, do you? I'm torn... So I vote F. Fall back, heal up, and start thinking of a rescue plan.

User Info: bearclaw13

4 years ago#500
500th post.
It's game time.
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