smash fanatic's "lowest level units", hard mode

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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#1
So after my blind lunatic run, I'm going to play through the game again, this time with a different challenge. It's a lowest level units run, which means all deployment slots for a given map must go to the lowest level units on the team. Here are some of the rules I've got so far...

- Hard mode
- no challenge maps.
- no wireless features.
- Casual mode.
---Instant move reinforcements are annoying. However save states can only be used as a suspend function that is seen in classic. Casual mode is also taken because it prevents me from purposely killing units off and keeping the team small (although I suppose I could put a clause for classic where I must keep everyone alive, but meh).

WRT Chrom
As Chrom is forced in every map, I had to put special restrictions on him. His deployment is fine as long as he is in the lowest level bracket. For example, if a map has 9 free slots + Chrom's forced, if he is the 1st lowest level up to the 10th lowest level he can be used like normal. However, if he would be the 11th lowest level unit, he cannot attack, be attacked, or pair up.

WRT handling second and master seals
Whenever a seal is used, add the level the unit used the seal at to their level. For example, a unit using their first seal (second or master) at level 10 would put them at 10/1, or level 11 for the purpose of this challenge. If that unit later uses another seal at level 10, to become 10/10/1, that unit becomes level 21.

WRT prepromos
The prepromos will all join at amazing stats compared to the rest of the team who will be underleveled. However their bases are typically worse than what you'd get from other members at equivalent levels, so exceptions were made for them. These are their "fixed" levels for the purpose of this run.
Frederick: 11
Libra and Anna: 1+the highest level unit on your team (for example, if your highest level unit is 15, Libra will join as a 15/1 unit, or level 16). MAX level possible for these two is 20/1.
Other prepromos not listed: Their displayed level + 20.

WRT Nowi/Tiki/Olivia
Their levels will count as a normal unit.

WRT Paralogues
All paralogues are done as soon as they appear. As children paralogues only pop up when the parents marry, thus the parents I decide on must marry ASAP.
---Children paralogue maps may be done with any team, as they are apparently difficult to complete even on hard (if they were done ASAP with no grinding).

anyway, more rules can be ironed out later. The first few maps have everyone forced (the fact that fred is available shouldn't be a big deal as I want to avoid giving him exp anyway), so I'll play a few maps and then decide the rules from there.

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#2
k so creating avatar

my first run had a guy, so this time I'll pick a girl

Unlike my other run where the physical features didn't matter, here I picked the tall one because she shows more cleavage, which makes the name all more appropriate.

NAME: Boobies
Asset: HP
Flaw: Luck

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#3


User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#4

Boobies: My name is Boobies.
Chrom: Boobies? Is that foreign?
Chrom - confirmed virgin.

Fred Gore: Remember, Boobies, we face practiced thieves and murderers. They will grant us no quarter. It's kill or be killed.

I'm sure we're worried about getting 6rounded by this guy.

Heroes Boobies and Chrom

Lissa: But holy wow, Boobies! You were incredible!
Lissa - confirmed lesbian

Chrom: Frederick, the Shepherds could use someone with Boobies's talents.
Yeah, like, uh, stuff that would get me modded.

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#5

Fred Gore: We know nothing about the enemy.
Except that they suck.

im pretty much moving units anywhere i want. like virion takes 0 damage in a fort from half the enemies in the map, lissa/fred is 3HKOd by the boss, lolwtf

Heroes Virion and Sully

"You may call me Marth."

Marth: This world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight was but a prelude. You have been warned.
Does it involve archer Virion or Lissa having more durability than the enemies?

User Info: supershyguy65

4 years ago#6
On Normal Mode the Prologue Archers do 0 damage to base Chrom.

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#7

Chrom: We still need to watch the borders. The brigands crossed over from Plegia. and did 4 damage to me.

Chrom: This is Boobies.
Emmeryn: It sounds as though Ylisse owes you a debt of gratitude, Boobies.
All men owe Boobies a debt of gratitude.

Chrom x Boobies C support

Chrom - definitely confirmed virgin.

Lissa: But allow me to introduce Boobies!
Usually she needs no introduction; everyone sees her immediately.

Looking at how Sumia falls again, it's funny how she brushes off her skirt instead of checking her face.

Also the faceplant on the ground is similar to actions I perform when I engage in an internet argument, except instead of the floor it's my computer desk.

Chrom: Everyone, remember what we're up against! They do 4 damage to you, so be careful.

Vaike: My axe. Where's my axe?!
Your sprite shows that you have it; check your right hand.

Heroes Virion and Sully

Normally these entries have something about the strategy I use for the map, but these earlygame chapters have one problem; they don't actually require strategy.

User Info: bearclaw13

4 years ago#8
Official husband of Cynthia since everyone else was taken.

User Info: supremeblaster

4 years ago#9
Change the Avatar name, you'll get modded soon otherwise.

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#10


virion x sully

Virion: But there is no need for such exertions. Not when you've a man to protect you!
Virion, you forgot you're an archer, right?

SO this map technically is the first map where I can choose who to deploy and not, but since Fred Gore is obviously way higher than everyone else he gets the bench. Chrom makes the cut.

There's nothing else to say about the map, just trying to spread out the kills.

Heroes Virion and Sully

In any case, paralogue 1 is up. Training Donnel will be fun without having fred gore be pairup fodder. But I need to sleep.
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