Best Inigo?

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User Info: Lord_Ridry

4 years ago#1
Ok... so I screwed up and married Chrom and Sumia (I watched her C support, didn't realize that you couldn't DLC grind with Olivia.

What do we think for the second best Inigo? Kellam? Virion? Other?

User Info: uuurrrggh

4 years ago#2
Chrom poster.
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User Info: WolfTwili

4 years ago#3
not including MU after Chrom apparently it is Virion (I don't know why but that is what I was told)
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User Info: Lord_Ridry

4 years ago#4
That's what I was told... I'm trying to figure out why though. Virion adds Lifetaker... but that seems like overkill with Sol anyways...

I presume most people run Inigo (not from Chrom) with something close to Vantage, Armsthrift, Sol, Astra, and Galeforce anyways.... so I guess maybe Virion just adds good stats?

User Info: Lord_Ridry

4 years ago#5
Ah, forgot about Sword/Axefaire. I guess scratch Astra.

User Info: WolfTwili

4 years ago#6
Lord_Ridry posted...
Ah, forgot about Sword/Axefaire. I guess scratch Astra.

ya by the looks of it since he can have a great build alone I think it is more for the stat mods
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#7
It's really only Virion because everyone else is taken and Inigo already has a powerful set. There's really nothing more he needs so Virion gives him a balance of stats without hurting what he has.

If you want a defensive Inigo for some reason you could do Fred as well.
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User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#8
He gets 4/5 breaker skills and access to Sage and Sniper. In my opinion Inigo is one of the best Snipers in the game. If you want to have at least one I recommend Virion!Inigo. Access to Sol, Pass, and Galeforce is very good for a Sniper. He gets +1Str/Mag and +4Spd/Skl at the cost of only -2Def.

He alrady has a good class set from the start.
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User Info: WebbOMG

4 years ago#9
Lurker and Bones already pretty much covered it but I'm a pro-Virion!Inigo activist so:

Virion!Inigo Bow Knight/Hero/Sage:
Access to all 5 faire skills (but you never want Lancefaire because Galeforce >>>>> Lancefaire)
Vantage / Lifetaker
Sol / Astra

Equip Brave weapons with Galeforce + Lifetaker + Astra for more Astra procs.
Equip Helswrath/Ragnell if Vantage + Sol so you can counter from 1-2 range.
Galeforce + Lifetaker + [Agressor] capable
Capable of excellent Mire spam with Armsthrift + Galeforce + Tomefaire + [Limit Breaker] + [Agressor]
[Limit Breaker] can replace your faire skill or Vantage.

This is a fine Inigo with:
+1 Str / Mag mods (making him equally suited as a physical class or Sage)
+4 Ski / Spd mods
Access to all faires
Access to 4/5 breakers
Grants Lifetaker making it possible for you to choose Galeforce + Lifetaker which allows you to replace Sol with a damage proc if you wish.

And above all else, this Inigo doesn't steal away another child's top-tier father.

EDIT: I've bolded all mentions of Lifetaker and Tomefaire, the important skills Virion brings to Inigo.

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

4 years ago#10
Viron is an excellent choice (probably the best besides Chrom or MaMU), for the reasons that others have mentioned. There are a couple of really good choices to look at though (and it's good to look at your options imo).

Vaike: +4 STR mod is nothing to sneeze at. There is a lot of class overlapping though (not like Ingo needs the class options. lol). Still not a bad choice though.

Fredrick: He kills Ingo's SPD mod, but he gives access to both Aegis and Pavise, plus the stat mods (other than SPD) are pretty good (+3 STR, -1 MAG, +4 SKL, +1 LUK and +2 DEF). Basically, Fredrick will make him a tank with the right build (Aegis, Pavise, Sol, Vantage, Limit breaker). Fredrick would be my second choice if Viron was taken.
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