CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#1
Before we begin this is for the people who want to see the previous thread in case they missed most of the storyline. :

Now to continue off the story since I know all of you have been waiting for this. "A" has won this for sure.

As soon as Sophia had given off her questioning response, You would look at her and smile before giving off your own response.

You: Well Sophia, Now that we had done our part, I think our best bet now is to go and find the others because the might need a hand.
Sophia: Hmm that seems like a good idea to me (Insert your name here), Lets go look for them before more of them show up to ambush us.

With that said, you and the rest of your group would immediately leave the weapon supply room to go and look for either Chris&Trish or Inigo&Servera. Within moments while you and the rest of the group were running around to go search for the others, You and Rex had heard Chris's war cry coming from outside. Rex Immediately recognizes this voice and tells you and the rest of you that there is no time to waste and you most certainly agree with him.

A couple seconds later, You and the rest of the group had finally got outside and notice that Chris and Trish are constantly fighting off Three archers, Two fighters and one swordmaster. You even hear Chris and Trish are talking to each other while covering each other.

Chris: *Appears to be holding a steel bow and sniping the first fighter.* Trish, Get behind me quick and take care of that other Archer that's has my Blind spot !
Trish: I'm on it ! *She pulls out her Elthunder and electrocutes the Archer after her response.*

After that quick response that they had made, Rex steps in and comes to aid Chris when it comes to their reunion.

Rex: *Draws out the Killing Edge* Chris I'm here !
Chris: *Appears to be surprised at first but continues sniping away.* Rex ! Your okay !
Rex: Yeah I sure am, You gotta thank your friends for rescuing us otherwise we would be long gone !
Chris: *Lets out a smile while he's still sniping away* Oh I will believe me once this is over.

And after that conversation, Sophia and Eliza also step in to join in the fight. What should you do now ?

A. Pair up with Sophia. (Support wont increase because of the "A" rank conversation but you will get exp.)
B. Pair up with Eliza. (Same with Sophia but its a "C" rank conversation instead. You will also get exp.)
C. Pair up with Trish. (Support will increase and you will get exp.)
D. Fight on your own (You will get Exp.)
I liked this Story....

User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#2
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#3
C. We gotta get dat support!
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
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User Info: SlashReturns

4 years ago#4
I am Inigo. Ladies, smile you are all beautiful!/Official Husbando of Nah<3

User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#5
Yay! Part 2!

Anyways C. gotta get approval for our marriage with Sophia.
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User Info: ryugin55

4 years ago#6
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User Info: Firion231

4 years ago#7
C: Why not go with the only person you can gain support with without wasting it?

: P

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#8
From the looks of things, "C" is our winner this round. (Trish's support is now increased.)

As soon as Sophia and Eliza stepped in towards this battle, You completely notice that they immediately pair up with each other so you end up going over towards Trish's side because she might need more support above all else. As soon as you come over to assist Trish, she becomes completely surprised to see you and asks how the plan went out. You smile for a moment and tell her that the plan went out great since You and the others had taken out the communications and their weapon supply. Thins of course made Trish smile as a response then tells you that there is no time to talk as there is a fight that needs to be won. You agree with her and immediately pull out your more abused Nosferatu to fight off the second archer while she continues zapping away at the last archer.

Meanwhile we have Sophia and Eliza. Sophia starts charging towards the swordmaster using her amazing speed and skill while Eliza covers Sophia from behind as she transforms into her Dragon state to start creating an intense heat to melt the Enemy swordmaster's sword. This of course catches the Enemy swordmaster off guard and ends up being impaled by Sophia's Silver Lance.

As for Chris and Rex, now that they are fully reunited, Rex starts charging away with his new Killing edge while Chris on the other hand continues to snipe away at the last warrior. By surprise Chris pulls out a critical hit while Rex on the other hand pulls off another Critical hit on the same fighter, killing him instantly and ending that battle.

Now that the battle is now settled, We now see Inigo and Servera show up at a late time. Servera asks if everyone is alright and as a response towards that everyone said that they were fine and were glad to see that they were alright too but this reunion did not last long as the Leaders of the fort show up, A Dark Knight and the Sniper. As soon they appeared, Chris looks at them for a quick second and then looks at you telling you that they were the ones that did this. This of course angers you for a quick second but it did not last long as reinforcements had shown up, most of which are unarmed because the weapon supply room is now destroyed and because most of the enemies here are now wiped out...leaving just those guys. This Fight just suddenly got a whole lot easier for you and the rest of your group now that your completely reunited. What should you do ?

A. Remain being paired up with Trish (Support will still increase and you will get exp.)
B. Pair up with Chris this time and make sure he gets his revenge. (Support will increase greatly and you will get exp.)
C. Fight on your own this time (Exp will increase.)
I liked this Story....

User Info: SlashReturns

4 years ago#9
B. Make sure dat revenge goes off.
I am Inigo. Ladies, smile you are all beautiful!/Official Husbando of Nah<3

User Info: Arachnius435

4 years ago#10
A. I like Trish.
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