CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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User Info: Dragunov_Zero

4 years ago#51
daytonthegreat posted...
And now I am back...for now at least. From the looks of things, "B" had won.

After watching Sophia leave the rooftops, You simply decided to go and explore for a little bit longer before you call it a night. Because you chose to go and explore the hideout, you needed to be extra quiet because you don't know if everyone is now fast asleep or not and you don't want to wake them up at a time like this.

About several seconds later, you immediately leave the rooftops then go wander the halls of the hideout for a brief 10 minutes until suddenly you felt like you pressed a hidden switch on one of the floor tiles and you had heard a sound coming from the far end of the halls. This gave you a response to yourself.

You: Hmm....that's interesting, I better check it out.

With that said, you went on ahead and look for what ever that sound had came from. It didn't take long to find the source because what you had found was a very old passageway leading down somewhere. This made you even more interested because when you checked the surroundings with the animal mind control hex and mind transfer hex on a mouse earlier, it never came across this one path. What should you do ?

A. Head down this ancient pathway, I might find something really interesting but chances are that there might be high risks because you had no information of this area.

B. Ignore it then check it out tomorrow as you need the sleep and it would be better if you took someone with you, that way you would avoid the risks.

Hmm, I'll go B. it might be worth checking the place out, but not in our current state.
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User Info: Thatkid227

4 years ago#52
B, I'd rather be rested and with allies.

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#53
I will return in the next several hours to write up the next part of the story. I will also tally up the votes when I come back.
I liked this Story....

User Info: supremeblaster

4 years ago#54
B seems good. We're probably pretty tired from our battles, so rest should do us good.

User Info: Sword_of_Fleets

4 years ago#55
Congratulations. You found a wastebin. -Sten, on the Urn of Sacred Ashes, DA:O

User Info: luigi4728

4 years ago#56
bump < click for real sig

User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#57
And now I am back from such a busy day. From the looks of it, "B" has won this hands down.

Without any regrets, You decided that your best bet would to get some rest first and bring someone with you to this underground passageway so the risks would decrease. Because you had made this decision, You wanted to make sure that nothing comes out of this passageway so you end up placing a simple barrier hex that prevents anything to come up here until you decide to dispel it.

Now that you had placed the hex, You became extremely tired so you immediately leave the area to find the bedrooms. Ten minutes later, you finally found a bedroom that you can stay in for the night. You head inside and then collapse on the bed since you had used the last of your energy.

Now that you are fast asleep, you begin to have yet another weird dream. This time you are now inside a broken down arena surrounded by Chrom's former army with their weapons ready. They appear to be looking straight at you and they appear to be ready to take you down but when you look at them, Your vision is completely red and you suddenly feel like you have the urge to take then down. What should you do ?

A. Pull out your Nosferatu and prepare yourself.
B. Attempt to make an exit since its just you versus them.

(Off topic: For your information, your character is now a Risen in this dream and we will be looking at their point of view this time.)
I liked this Story....

User Info: luigi4728

4 years ago#58
A its a dream so why not? < click for real sig

User Info: Private_Noob

4 years ago#59
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User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#60
Bumping the thread. My next post will be continuing the storylines unless people have a question to ask me that is.
I liked this Story....
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