The Ideal Class for This Unit Day 21: Available Spotpass Units

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User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#1
So, today I want to do the units from the Spotpass Six who are currently available--if I'm not mistaken, it's four (Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Yen'fay)--before closing things out with Avatar and Morgan tomorrow. The day after that, I'll have a Results/Discussion/Complaints topic up wherein people will be free to discuss things like...results and any complaints they may have about the results. I think that Aversa will be available on the 11th, so if that topic is still active people will be free to discuss their opinions on Aversa's ideal class there as well (and later Priam if the topic is still active whenever he's being released).

We're going to go through every playable character in the game to determine what class helps them best serve the team, starting with the parent generation, then the children's generation, and we'll close with the Avatar and Morgan. I'll basically be going in the order that characters are listed on the Fire Emblem Wiki page (, excepting, again, Avatar and Morgan for last.

Vote for the 2nd Tier class that you think the units are best/most efficient as.

Some things you might consider when casting a vote (but you don't have to):
-Unit statistics.
-Skills that you want a unit to be able to pass down as a parent.
-Skills that you want a unit to be able to use effectively upon inheritance.
-How "necessary" it is for a given unit to be a certain class (i.e., if you feel that Class A has many representatives who fulfill the role of that class better than a unit in the discussion, perhaps you are inclined to have that unit be Class B instead).

Yesterday's result: Laurent and Noire were both voted to Sorcerer. I may have to take a crack at those next time--I believe I had Laurent as a Sage, and Noire as a Sniper (for canon). As for Nah, it was unanimously decided that Manakete was her ideal class. No one was even willing to put forth a case that a different class might be better.

TODAY'S UNITS: Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Yen'fay

-Chrom: Great Lord
-Lissa: Sage
-Frederick: Great Knight
-Sully: Paladin
-Virion: Sniper
-Stahl: Paladin
-Vaike: Berserker
-Miriel: Sorceror
-Sumia: Falcon Knight
-Kellam: General
-Donnel: Hero
-Lon'qu: Swordmaster
-Ricken: Sage
-Maribelle: Valkyrie
-Panne: Taguel
-Gaius: Assassin
-Cordelia: Falcon Knight
-Gregor: Hero
-Nowi: Manakete
-Libra: Sage
-Tharja: Sorceror
-Anna: Trickster
-Olivia: Dancer
-Cherche: Wyvern Lord
-Henry: Sorceror
-Say'ri: Assassin
-Tiki: Manakete
-Basilio: Warrior
-Flavia: Hero
-Lucina: Great Lord
-Owain: Dread Fighter
-Inigo: Hero
-Brady: Sage
-Kjelle: General
-Cynthia: Dark Flier
-Severa: Hero
-Laurent: Sorcerer
-Noire: Sorcerer
-Nah: Manakete
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User Info: finaleus

4 years ago#2
Gangrel: Looks amazing as an assassin
Walhart: Conqueror
Emmeryn: Sage
YenFay: Pass

User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#3
Gangrel: Trickster
Walhart: Conqueror
Emmeryn: Sage
Yen'fey: Swordmaster
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User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#4
Gangrel: Sorcerer for obvious reasons.
Walmart: Conquerer is a pretty great class.
Emmeryn: Sage, dat magic.
Yen'fay: Assassin because lol swordmasters and Amatsu.
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User Info: Gokotsu

4 years ago#5
Yen'fay - Swordmaster
Warhart - Conqueror I guess
Emm - Sage I guess
Gangrel - I don't know.
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User Info: Niteclaw1028

4 years ago#6
Gangrel: I dunno, he's pretty bad compared to all the other Spotpass units. Dark Knight I guess.

Walhart: Conqueror, no contest.

Emmeryn: Sage, but Valkyrie is also a possibility for the Mov

Yen'Fay: Assassin, but go through Griffon Rider and maybe Wyvern Lord
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User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

4 years ago#7
Gangrel: Sorcerer. He takes a hit to STR, so that pretty much makes him meh as any physical class. Sorcerer is fine though, since his MAG isn't hurting. Dark knight is a runner up, but again, dat - STR mod hurts him.

Walhart: Conqueror. All the advantages of the GK class, with the movement of a Paladin? Yes please.

Emm: Sage for sure. Hell, she's damn close to being as good as one of the children when it comes to MAG caps (50 is her MAG cap for crying out loud).

Yen'fey: Assassin. He's got good STR, SKL and SPD, and swordmaster stat caps suck. Also, before anyone brings up Levin swords being better with swordmasters, HIS MAG SUCKS, so that's a bad idea.
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User Info: D412kKn16h7

4 years ago#8
Gangrel: Trickster, I really don't care here, he's probably the only male I'd reckon is a good trickster (Owain's a far better Dread Fighter)
Walhart: Conqueror, there's no one else for this class (save Male Morgan), and it's a good enough class for him to stay
Emmeryn: Bride, because she's so pretty! (I realize this is a waste of her magic stat, but sage is going to win anyway, so I don't care)
Yen'fay: Swordmaster, unique color scheme really puts him here

User Info: Shadow_Master_J

4 years ago#9
D412kKn16h7 posted...
Walhart: Conqueror, there's no one else for this class (save Male Morgan), and it's a good enough class for him to stay

Conqueror is Walhart only, Morgan can inherit the Conquest skill, but not the class.

Gangrel: Assassin is great (100% Vengeance without Limit Break), although Sorcerer is pretty good, too.

Walhart: Mercha- Conqueror. Obvious reasons.

Emmeryn: Sage. But only because she doesn't have Sorcerer.

Yen'fay: I don't know. Dude has unique model and signature weapon (although not exclusive) on Swordmaster... but Assassins are so better than Swordmasters... so yeah, no vote on him.
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User Info: nintendogeek01

4 years ago#10
I have not used (or even bothered recruiting) ANY of these characters, so I'll just post the votes.

Trickster - II
Assassin - II
Sorcerer - II
Dark Knight - I

Conqueror - IIIII III

Bride - I

Assassin - III
Swordmaster - III

Gangrel's and Yen'fey's votes seem an interesting contest, the other two, not so much. Damn, that class isn't called Conqueror for nothing from the looks of it.
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