500 Things We Want in the Next Fire Emblem

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User Info: thomastandler

4 years ago#31
Multiple consoles, I can't be the only one that sees this awesome series only on handhelds.
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User Info: Majora787

4 years ago#32
I'd like there to be the option for grinding like there is in Awakening, the return of linear promotions and third tier classes, a 2nd generation system that is not ridiculous in nature and is more.. finished...

Also I want generals to be able to shoot bows again. That stuff is funny.
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User Info: blueman164

4 years ago#33

If not as an actual character, then as a DLC character.

Also, another thing, make the DLC characters have their own models. I don't care about supports, just give them their own unique models.
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User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#34
Weight... So I have a reason to use iron weapons beyond price efficiency.
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User Info: Requiem_Blade

4 years ago#35
Also, more legacy characters that weren't playable in the games they appeared in. (Non-villain, preferably). Greil, Cornelius, Malledus, etc.

Wouldn't hurt to have, say, an Anri DLC, either.
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User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#36
multiple gens would be cool. your characters age, and after a point begin to lose physical stats, but skill raises even faster until you get senial old, and eventually die, but you get their children, and their children and so on.

it would be hard to balance. you dont want all your characters dying all the time, but id like about 3 gen in like 40 hours or 60 of gameplay. that would be cool. maybe even up to 5 gens.

EDIT: another good idea, you can choose when to recruit child units. every character would age linearly (this would be the biggest problem, figuring how to age them well either in real time or battles fought or something.) and your units can start to have kids at like, 18, just to be PC. then you can choose to recruit a child as early as ten, but no later than 20. earlier they get better weapon proficientcy, but older children start at higher levels.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#37
A Balanced pair-up that allows you to play the game like a fire emblem game.
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User Info: Huff n puff 20

Huff n puff 20
4 years ago#38
guedesbrawl posted...
A Balanced pair-up that allows you to play the game like a fire emblem game.

READ: Enemies have access to and use Pair Up.
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User Info: Atzar

4 years ago#39
Effect staves.
The Magic Seal unit class from FE7 (as an enemy class).
Enemies that will sometimes favor self-preservation over suicidal charges.

I like having to deal with a variety of threats that aren't just relying on sheer attack power to threaten me.

User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#40
Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.
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