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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#1
Out of the 48 past topics of this series, how many have you participated? (approximately) - Results (159 votes)
All 48. I'm a veteran!
8.81% (14 votes)
Around 40.
3.77% (6 votes)
Around 30.
5.03% (8 votes)
Around 20.
5.03% (8 votes)
Around 15.
2.52% (4 votes)
Around 10.
8.18% (13 votes)
Around 5.
18.24% (29 votes)
5.66% (9 votes)
0. Yeah, today's my first time
8.18% (13 votes)
0. And I don't plan on changing that (what am i doing here?!/not registered)
34.59% (55 votes)
This poll is now closed.
First of all, this is a Paralogue in name only

Outside of the poll, nothing's changed. But, I'll be using this topic to re-post the rules for nominations and Paralogue Topics, since the previous link is now broken.

I was supposed to have done this yesterday, but something happened not more than 5 minutes after my last post. Here is my explanation, for those who care: I had a seminary in school today, but my partner got sick and would not be able to go. Since he's a responsible guy, he at least informed of that (when he figured he wouldn't be getting better in time) and sent me his part of the project. Thus, i had to research more things and memorize his part...and I totally forgot to leave a note. I was very tired, since he called at, 9PM...Sorry.

As a last note, the Sage skills were missing from the list; but they were added now.

Moving on...

Character who start with Conquest: Walhart.

Characters who can inherit Conquest: Morgan (from Walhart)

Character who start with Shadowgift: Aversa.

Characters who can inherit Shadowgift: Morgan (from Aversa)

Conquest negates Beast and Armor type weaknesses.

This means, that Beast units who would take triple damage from Beast killers now take just normal damage, while the same applies for Armor units and Armorslayers (and similar weapons)

For Walhart, most of his class options can use this skill (the others can get Iote's Shield instead); and his son can make a good use thanks to having more Horseback classes to use.

It's good, not viable for every chapter, but can be very useful if there are enemies with those dangerous weapons around. It's very limited overall, so i can only give it an A rank.

Shadowgift enables the user to wield Dark Tomes, provided that they can use normal tomes in the first place;

Tacticians, Grandmasters, Mages, Sages, Valkyries, Dark Fliers, Dark Knights are the classes that can use this skill. Aversa can only use it in the latter two.

Dark Magic is broken. Honestly, is there anything else for me to say?

Oh, yes, there is. S rank.

Rediscussion Paralogues!

It works like this: whenever you rank a skill, you can nominate a previously-rated skill for a future rediscussion.

Whenever we have two skills that received 10 nominations, I'll open a Paralogue for them instead of doing a normal chapter. Those Paralogues will work like all other normal chapters.

I'll be keeping a Nomination List, so you can keep track of what skills got how many nominations.

There are a few rules, though:

1- You can only nominate a single skill per chapter
2- There will be no nominations in those Paralogues (You can nominate things on this one, though...)
3- You must rank at least one skill on the current Chapter, or else your nomination will be disconsidered.
4- You cannot nominate skills that were ranked in the previous 2 chapters (if you aren't sure if you can nominate it, either use the search topic function and do the math, or nominate a backup too).
5- A rediscussed skill cannot be nominated again. For future reference, those skills will have a bold exclamation on the list and will also have denoted the previous rank (assuming the rank changed), like this:

SS Rank:
*Eclipse (Black Knight,Lv15) !E


Rightful King: 5/10
Strength +2: 4/10
Defense +2: 3/10
Rally Spectrum: 2/10
Magic +2: 2/10
Rally Movement: 2/10
Luna: 1/10
Resistance +2: 1/10
Confession Time!
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#2
-Skill Ranking-

S Rank:
*Aether (Great Lord,Lv5)
*Sol (Hero,Lv5)!A
*Galeforce (Dark Flier, Lv15)

A Rank:
*Rightful King (Great Lord,Lv15)
*Veteran (Tactician,Lv1)!S
*Ignis (Grandmaster,Lv5)!
*Rally Spectrum (Grandmaster,Lv15)
*Armsthrift (Mercenary,Lv1)!S
*Astra (Swordmaster,Lv5)!
*Vantage (Myrmidon,Lv10)!B
*Aegis (Paladin,Lv15)
*Luna (Great Knight,Lv5)
*Dual Guard+ (Great Knight,Lv15)
*Pavise (General,Lv15)
*Aptitude (Villager,Lv1)
*Swordbreaker (Wyvern Lord,Lv15)
*Deliverer (Griffon Rider,Lv5)
*Tomefaire (Sage,Lv15)
*Renewal (War Cleric/Monk,Lv15)
*Dual Support+ (Valkyrie,Lv15)

B Rank:
*Dual Strike+ (Lord,Lv1)
*Axebreaker (Hero,Lv15)
*Swordfaire (Swordmaster,Lv15)
*Locktouch (Thief,Lv1)
*Movement +1 (Thief,Lv10)
*Lucky Seven (Trickster,Lv5)
*Rally Speed (Falcon Knight,Lv5)
*Lancefaire (Falcon Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Movement (Dark Flier, Lv5)
*Rally Strength (Warrior,Lv5)
*Counter (Warrior,Lv15)
*Wrath (Berserker,Lv5)
*Axefaire (Berserker,Lv15)
*Lancebreaker (Griffon Rider,Lv15)
*Bowbreaker (Bow Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Magic (Sage,Lv5)
*Lifetaker (Dark Knight,Lv15)
*Anathema (Dark Mage,Lv10)
*Vengeance ( Sorcerer,Lv5)
*Tomebreaker (Sorcerer,Lv15)
*Miracle (Cleric/Priest,Lv1)
*Rally Resistance (Valkyrie,Lv5)
*Beastbane (Taguel,Lv15)

C Rank:
*Solidarity (Tactician,Lv10)
*Patience (Mercenary,Lv10)
*Avoid +10 (Myrmidon,Lv1)
*Lethality (Assassin,Lv5)!B
*Pass (Assassin,Lv15)
*Acrobat (Trickster,Lv15)
*Special Dance (Dancer,Lv15)!B
*Discipline (Cavalier,Lv1)
*Defender (Paladin,Lv5)
*Defense +2 (Knight,Lv1)
*Rally Defense (General,Lv5)
*Speed + 2 (Pegasus Knight,Lv1)
*Relief (Pegasus Knight,Lv10)!
*Underdog (Villager,Lv1)
*HP +5 (Fighter,Lv1)
*Zeal (Fighter,Lv10)
*Despoil (Barbarian,Lv1)!
*Gamble (Barbarian,Lv10)
*Strength +2 (Wyvern Rider,Lv1)
*Quick Burn (Wyvern Lord,Lv5)
*Hit Rate +20 (Sniper,Lv5)
*Bowfaire (Sniper,Lv15)
*Magic +2 (Mage,Lv1)
*Focus (Mage,Lv10)
*Hex (Dark Mage,Lv1)
*Healtouch (Cleric/Priest,Lv1)
*Resistance +2 (Troubadour,Lv1)
*Demoiselle (Troubadour,Lv10)
*Wyrmstbane (Manakete,Lv15)

D Rank:
*Charm (Lord,Lv10)
*Luck +4 (Dancer,Lv1)
*Outdoor Fighter (Cavalier,Lv10)
*Indoor Fighter (Knight,Lv10)
*Tantivity (Wyvern Rider,Lv10)
*Skill +2 (Archer,Lv1)
*Prescience (Archer,Lv10)
*Rally Skill (Bow Knight,Lv5)
*Slow Burn (Dark Knight,Lv5)
*Rally Luck (War Cleric/Monk,Lv5)
*Even Rhythm (Taguel,Lv1)
*Odd Rhythm (Manakete,Lv1)
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6

User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#3
Real rating -

C for both.

Okay time for not serious rate

Conquest - alvailability and in the end its not that good of a skill. For the most part Brave weapons are preffered


Shadowgift - Aversa Morgan is overatted as a Sage. However, it ts a focused build thanks to Aversa's mods so that's pretty damn cool. Also DF SD Morgan which is pretty amazing

In the end, it is worse than getting 2 broken children or one superpowered Morgan, but its worth it

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User Info: Deoxys_Prime

4 years ago#4
Shadowgift: A - Sage with dark magic? Dark Flier? Dark Knight? Yes please.

Conquest: B - negates some core weaknesses for a few select classes. I'd use it as a Great Knight or Conqueror.
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User Info: Requiem_Blade

4 years ago#5
Conquest: It's like Iote's shield, but for ground units--specifically, Walhart, DLCphraim, and Male Morgan. Its benefits are far more combat-beneficial than Iote's shield, because it removes the major combat weaknesses of the armored and mounted units. Suddenly, Great Knights and Generals are more viable classes. So it's pretty great. A, maybe an A- for availability.

Shadowgift: Dark Magic may be good, but you can only get this skill on units that can otherwise promote to Dark mages--Aversa, DLCaiah, DLCaterina, and Female Morgan. Now, a sorcerer with five skill slots will almost always be superior to a sage with four, and that makes this skill pretty useless. You'd have to give up Tomefaire, or Limit Breaker, or another great damage skill that would put the sorcerer over the top. C.
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User Info: Kantonoso

4 years ago#6
Conquest: B

It's a good skill, but too limited. By the time you actually GET Walhart, you don't have too much to worry about in terms of bonus damage. If it worked for fliers as well, that'd be something else, but it only blocks Armor/Beast damage.

Shadowgift: B

Overrated as hell. If it let ANY class use Dark Magic, that would be one thing, but it can only work on things that already use tomes. Part of what makes Dark Magic so good is Nosferatanking, and of course, most casters have less defense. It's seriously pretty much only for having a flying dark magic user, or a Dark/Staff person, really. Maybe Phys/Dark hybrid on Morgan as a Grandmaster?
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User Info: RedMageKirby

4 years ago#7
Conuest: C. And honestly it should be a D, since effectiveness is barely a thing, but it gets cool points.

Shadowgift: B. I don't think it quite hits A rank, since it does take up a skill slot pretty much entirely for Aversa's Night/Nosferatu and maybe Mire. It's still quite nice to have, though.

Also, I'm pretty sure I voted in every one of these. I even went out of my way to search it up on nights when I didn't see it on the first page. They've been quite enjoyable, even if some skills didn't get put where I'd have like them to. I'll miss it now that it's ending.

(Also, I'm sorry for being grumpy when the series started up, by the way. I still kinda feel bad about that.)
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User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#8
Conquest: eh, I never really liked the Great Knight and General class anyway, preferred Paladins for mobility and Wyvern Lords for brute force, though I can see why this is a good skill, B
Shadowgift: Dark magic blah, blah, blah, A
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User Info: Mecona

4 years ago#9
Conquest - A

Considering it literally turns Walhart's weaknesses to nil, it has amazing uses. It's literally what makes or breaks the Conqueror's class.

Shadowgift - B

It's pretty overrated, only Morgan can use it effectively, but what makes dark magic scary is Nosfer and Aversa's tanking. And Sorc has the highest defense for the tome wielding classes, so its pointless really. And Sage can't abuse it much - they have literally nothing for defense and a dead sage isn't one that can heal itself back up.
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User Info: Kitoari

4 years ago#10
Conquest B
Shadowgift B
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