Lissa; DF, WC, or S...?

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User Info: CostanzaK

4 years ago#1
I just got the Galeforce ability on Lissa, and I'm planning to pick up the pertinent Gen 2 character next mission... But now I'm not sure what to make Lissa for good now.

Her magic ability has made her a really great tactical front line first strike spellcaster, on par with MyUnit. She's fast, skilled, and hits hard with tomes on a flier. And her strength is actually pretty impressive too.

But she was a healer in the beginning and has skills to support that from Cleric's class. So I don't know if I should make her a War Cleric which looks pretty good on her, or a Sage, which sacrifices Move and physical attack ability to give access to Healing.

What are your guys' thoughts?
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User Info: Engel

4 years ago#2
She doesn't really have the Strength for War Cleric, so I'd pick Sage.
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User Info: WebbOMG

4 years ago#3
I like ending Lissa as a Sage (she even gets a unique model as such).

My Lissa Sage is currently sitting pretty with:

[Limit Breaker]
Dual Support+

User Info: Enfusionist

4 years ago#4
For me, it was between Sage for extra damage or Valkyrie for +1 extra speed and mobility while keeping a great Magic stat. She seemed like the "outgoing, horse-riding, tomboyish" type of personality (Valkyrie), especially with her S-support with Donnel, but then I remembered that she wanted to be more princess-like (Sage, even has the exact same colored robes as Emmeryn), similar to her sister.

User Info: President_Marth

4 years ago#5
Lissa looks hot with a cage.
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