Best of their archetype Day 10 Pegasus trio (and knights/brothers)

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User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#1
Which of these are the true musketeers? - Results (149 votes)
Palla, Catria, Est
29.53% (44 votes)
Vamp, Fetra, Eliu
0% (0 votes)
Meng, Maybell, Bleg
0% (0 votes)
Juno, Tate, Shanna
0% (0 votes)
Barth, Bors, Wendy
0.67% (1 votes)
Fiora, Farina, Florina
27.52% (41 votes)
Syrene, Tana, Vanessa
8.72% (13 votes)
Tanith, Elincia, Marcia, Sigrun
11.41% (17 votes)
Boyd, Rolf, Oscar
20.13% (30 votes)
Barst, Bord, Cord
2.01% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Here's another classic, the trios who can pull off a super critical that leaves the enemy laying face first on the ground (unless they're the axe trio). Which one carries the team to victory?

Day 1: Jagen
Best: Seth
Runner-up: Titania

Day 2: Est
Best: Nino
Runner-up: Sara

Day 3: Cain/Abel
Best: Sain/Kent
Runner-up: Kieran/Oscar

Day 4: Ogma
Best: Gerik
Runner-up: Raven

Day 5: Nabarl/Navarre
Best: Joshua
Runner-up: Rutger

Day 6: Bord/Cord
Best: Boyd/Nolan
Runner-up: Halvan/Orsin

Day 7: Gotoh
Best: Ced (Sety)
Runner-up: Tibarn

Gaiden: Malledus
Best: Soren
Runner-up: Seth

Day 8: Lena
Best: Lissa
Runner-up: Lena

Day 9: Maria
Best: Priscilla
Runner-up: Mist
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User Info: RedMageKirby

4 years ago#2
Guh, I don't really like any of them as a trio. Of the playable ones, I like one or two of them, though. Voted the Whitewings because of Catria and Palla being enough to make them fantastic. They're godly in Gaiden, too, due to Falcoknights having slayer.
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User Info: Emmy_Altava

4 years ago#3
Florina/Farina/Fiora is the best on average, while Catria/Palla/Est has two absurdly broken characters and one mediocre one.

I voted for the Whitewings but it sort of depends on what we're going for here.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#4
I guess overall, I'd pick the FE7 ones because those are the only ones I've actually used and didn't have a member I disliked.
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User Info: Pitbuller_26

4 years ago#5
The Whitewings, NO EFFING CONTEST.

User Info: Gold_Vanguard

4 years ago#6
I personally like the Boyd, Oscar, and Rolf triangle attack. Even if it means having to promote Oscar and Boyd.
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User Info: thefinaloracle

4 years ago#7
If the whitewings don't win this, well, I've pretty much lost faith in the fanbase.
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User Info: Pitbuller_26

4 years ago#8
thefinaloracle posted...
If the whitewings don't win this, well, I've pretty much lost faith in the fanbase.

Most people haven't played FE3/12. If they did, the Whitewings would be winning. I mean seriously, Palla and Catria break not one, but two games...scratch that. 3 GAMES. (FE2/3/12)

User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#9
FE1/2/3/11/12: My love for Palla and Catria balance out all of the hate I have for Est. As for the axe trio, Barst is great while the other two aren't.

FE4: The Mage sisters... you mean the ones that suicided on Ares by fighting him up close? But f*** the Pegasus trio, with their dumb Earth Swords and Leadership Stars.

FE6: Shanna and Tate are pretty good but nothing amazing, but Juno sucks. Also, lol armor knights.

FE7: I feel the same way about Florina and Fiora as I do with Shanna and Tate. Farina's a damn gold digger. These guys are probably going to win.

FE8: See FE6.

FE9/10: My second favorite of the bunch are the Falcos here. Marcia and Tanith are amazing in PoR, while Elincia's great in RD. Sigrun is the Juno, but slightly less sucky. But the other one I don't like because Rolf sucks and there's no way I'm giving Oscar bows instead of swords or axes.

Gotta go with the Whitewings.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#10
Fe1- late join time and Marth being... Marth means they are not as absurd as you would hope to be. Palla has questionable speed, but amazing base. Catria is ballanced beetwen both(she has the third highest growth IIRC below Est and Tiki on top), while Est is underlevelled, except she give Marth miracle sword. In FE11, they are buffed, but Sheeda exist. Sad times

Axe bro are not exceptional other than Barts and maybe the faster of the duo. They are pretty good in 1, which is sad since Axes sucks, while they are pretty amazing in 11 and in fact one of few units who is not affected by Sheeda.

FE3/12 - not much change in 3-1, but its ALL about 3-2. Catria joined on chapter 2, ready to wield the Silver Lance(at least in 3), and even has omgwtfhax growth. I always laughed when reading their growth and compared to their base, and realized how OP she is. Palla is the same, now with even more overkill base and lower growth which is lol in FE3 starshard environment. They are forced to walk on foot for indoors as a 6 move knight(FYI this is why the class was called Armor Knight), and still is amazing, since your other movement champ are Navvare and Ogma(7) and Marth(11 w boots).

Est has that issue where you might want to use Yumina to recruit her, which is a bummer, not to mention having a few stages where she can fly around even if you trained her.

In general, Palla is better thanks to base alone, Catria is really close, they are both amazing. And hot.

Axe bro did not exist in 3, and standard in 12

FE4 - the genius mage squad who attacked Aless in close range only to get Mistolteened and the annoying pegasus knight. I can't really vote for them. Earth Sword Peg is downright the hardest opponent in FE4

FE6 - the start of career of the infamous Chick with Wings, because they got to fly all game long(FE5 has dismount). Not much to say than lolcombat and amazing utility.

Knight trio is lol. Bors is the best, Wendy is legendary as a crappy unit. So there

FE7 - Read FE6. Florina ferrying ability is amazing, Fiora is decent, while Farina can solo bishop on her joining chapter. Same old crappy combat, amazing utility. I don't think Ferrying utility is something that is old, but yeah. Also we have Marcus to wreak havoc. In general, the Elibe games is legendary for their deadly Steel Lance Pegasus Knight, who are so deadly, Hector in early game doubled them while rescuing a unit

FE8 - Read FE7, except Vanessa has a rather good combat potential. Syrene is a useful late game flier. Also Seth Ferry is legit, and Indoor stage are more common than 7.

Best - Palla/Catria/Est. Why not? One of the time where Ferrying is not their selling point because of their absurd combat capability with wings.
Runner Up - FE7. I find Ferrying better in 7, although FE6 is pretty cool.
Worst - Pegasus Knight Trio in 4. Screw those Earth Sword
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