How will new Fire Emblem games top this game?

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User Info: VirusLord

4 years ago#71
levyjl1988 posted...
-Chapter Select as an option. If the player screwed up and killed off a recruitable character when they are playing normal/casual they should opt to redo a chapter. A lot of the game after clearing a chapter becomes an empty store, it's kind of ridiculous.

No. If you botch up, you botch that badly, and you want that character so badly, start the chapter over. Being able to 'redo' chapters would mean that you could just go back after you have all of your characters maxed out, eliminating any sense of challenge from trying to obtain items from chests and recruit characters, not to mention the high levels of abusability for farming rare items and experience.
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#72
Sigh, did they want the game to hold their hand THAT badly?

I remember the joy I felt after recruiting that god damn Xavier
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User Info: Arkyron

4 years ago#73
Counter isn't 100 percent activation, the story doesn't devolve as the game progresses, Light magic returns, and Nosferatu and by extension Aversa's Night, should bit return, are needed. Seriously, Counter as it is in awakening is stupid. Not broken, but... Ugh. Maybe they could leave it at 100 percent but change it so that it only procs when the unit is under attack? I could also stand to see Gale force replaced. Maybe they could bring back Canto. I feel taking out more than one enemy with a move is just... Interfering with the natural flow of the game.
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User Info: SmugglinMoogles

4 years ago#74
70+ characters
30v30+ unit battles
Spear wielding ground class
MORE expansion of magic, not REMOVAL of it
Bring back GBA battle animations
Portrait dialogue cutscenes instead of weird DS model cutscenes
Difficulty increase

and for the love of god add something to the game to make me feel like there are other armies out there. I always feel like there are only forty people in the entire world.
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User Info: sailorkick

4 years ago#75
I haven't played this game yet (Still need to get a 3DS), but I have watched a lot of youtube videos. Here are some things that I think should be implemented in the next game.

Unique skills: I haven't seen anything like Resolve, Savior, Cancel, etc. I think having personal skills will help individualize people of the same class.

Better skills: I liked what I've seen with most promoted class skills, but many basic class skills seem like filler. HP +5, Str +2, etc. I don't see the point in these? Why not increase class bases by that much and make more worthwhile skills? And I don't really like the rally skills, I think they should replaced or work like the Dragon Tides from Radiant Dawn. I don't think a person should have to waste a turn to buff their friends.

More customization for avatar: I was really upset when I found out that you couldn't choose the avatar's growth, weapon types, or base class! I think that they should just give you a percentage cap that your growths have to add up to and call it a day.

Better reclassing: I have looked at some characters and some reclass options feel just wrong to me? A Wyvern Rider only having healing classes to get skills from? Not a Fighter or Barbarian? That is crazy. Maybe one healing class, but not both options! I think they should either relate jobs to the character or make more skills that can be useful regardless of class.

New classes: NO MORE SWORD LORDS! I really want a staff/bow lord, just to change things! Griffon Knight needs its own tree, it has no business being with dragons. Give healers the ability to attack with staves like normal weapons. Give some classes more/less weapon types to diversify them (e.g. give dark knights dark magic so that they are more than mounted tacticians, etc.)

Magic Triangle needs to return! More spell options! Better, more differentiated bases for all classes. Better MOV stats for all classes(especially if big maps are making a return. I feel like fliers and horses are better just because of that extra move). Promoted foot units should have between 6 (Mages/Knights) or 8(Assassins/Tricksters) MOV. Promoted mounts should have either 9 (Horses), 10 (Pegs/Wyverns) or 12 (Griffon Knights! Hey, they need something to set them apart! Lower stats for most mobility FTW!)

Ability to change a units equipment after combat (Bows can be a bit more useful now!)
Give Archers knives as melee weapons! More BOWS! Reg. Bows have 2-3 range, Long bows have 2-4 range, and Great bows(Archer ONLY) have 2-5 range! Ballista can be bought from armories and deployed by your team. They can still be ridden, but have like 40-50 uses! All these weapons have brave, killer, iron, steel, silver variations also!

Make activation skills use more than the skill stat for activation! Like some could be DEF, RES, LCK, etc. just to mix it up!

I have been thinking of hacking radiant dawn, but I'm to lazy to try and try to do it! I think a community based hack would be a great approach. It would show those companies that we mean business! Kind of like leading by example!

Sorry for the text wall! Hope you guys enjoy!
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User Info: Konkyou

4 years ago#76
sailorkick posted...
I haven't played this game yet (Still need to get a 3DS), but I have watched a lot of youtube videos. Here are some things that I think should be implemented in the next game.

You are going to love this game then, half of what you complained is already here.

User Info: Dragrath

4 years ago#77
21_21 posted...
bearclaw13 posted...
Destroy Fanservice.

There isn't much fanservice in this game to begin with. Hell, this is actually one of the few games where the females aren't generally drawn scantily or sexually in any way...

Actually this is the FE w/ the most fanservice in the entire series...(I't is displayed in fetishism and can be noticed on a lot of female class designs... such as Assasin, Sorceror, Manakete,battle cleric(to an extent)Olivia...(the list goes on))I see it as okay in DLC but detrimental else where...

On top of removing fansevice, they can improve on Awakening by

-Return of story narration and improve world building by elaborating on events and linking them more effectively so the game does not feel rushed

-The return of Arrive,Escape,Defend,and Seize as win conditions


-Rebalence magic and return magic triangle (both would be nice w/ anima sharing the weapon levels while still having the anima triangle so fire isn't useless...)

-***Return status effects***

-More interesting map encounters An interesting idea I had would be a mercenary contract system you would pick up a contract w/ built in conditions on a particular map these could have difficulty levels ranging from low to murderous... and could rage from killing bandits to fighting a insanely well equipped army with insane number of reinforcements or perhaps a night time map where you must protect someone from assassins ect.

-Baliste for Archers to operate on certain maps

-Rebalence Nosferatu(Perhaps it can be a rare A rank spell like it should have been)

-Remove children generation... -_- unless they literally want to do a 2 generation thing...

-More effort on DLC (DLC charecters should be fully fleshed out characters matching the original characters personality)(spotpass are okay as they are...)

-Difficulty should be handled as
Easy(Awakenings normal mode)
Normal(Hard with out restrictions)
hard(slightly tougher than Awakenings hard)
Lunatic(as stated)
Lunatic+(for the masochists)
For the settings:
masochist(for those people that want to be restricted and to have every death irreversibly permanent here you go where the settings turn against you...)

This is what I think could help the next game out...
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