Best of their Archetype Day 13-2 Camus

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User Info: Ari917

4 years ago#1
Which of these blindly loyal twits wins your favor? - Results (168 votes)
1.19% (2 votes)
30.36% (51 votes)
1.19% (2 votes)
12.5% (21 votes)
7.14% (12 votes)
7.14% (12 votes)
6.55% (11 votes)
7.14% (12 votes)
26.79% (45 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Here are the Camus', you know, those loyal knights who for some reason don't jump ship when they realize their leader is bat**** crazy. Anyway, which of these is the most honorable?

Day 1: Jagen
Best: Seth
Runner-up: Titania

Day 2: Est
Best: Nino
Runner-up: Sara

Day 3: Cain/Abel
Best: Sain/Kent
Runner-up: Kieran/Oscar

Day 4: Ogma
Best: Gerik
Runner-up: Raven

Day 5: Nabarl/Navarre
Best: Joshua
Runner-up: Rutger

Day 6: Bord/Cord
Best: Boyd/Nolan
Runner-up: Halvan/Orsin

Day 7: Gotoh
Best: Ced (Sety)
Runner-up: Tibarn

Gaiden: Malledus
Best: Soren
Runner-up: Seth

Day 8: Lena
Best: Lissa
Runner-up: Lena

Day 9: Maria
Best: Priscilla
Runner-up: Mist

Day 10: Trio
Best: Whitewings
Runner-up: Hector's Angels (and Fiora)

Day 11: Gharnef
Best: Sephiran
Runner-up: Manfloy

Day 12: Ephidel
Best: Sonia
Runner-up: Izuka/Ephidel/Aversa (Yep people, there was a three-way tie)
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User Info: daytonthegreat

4 years ago#2
Selena died trying to be a hero for her kingdom so my vote goes to her. I actually liked her as a playable character in scared stones.
I liked this Story....

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#3
Oh, I see now.
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User Info: heavylobsterguy

4 years ago#4
I go with Lloyd because he's a pretty cool guy and he has a great design. It's also touching to see how much he cares about his brother. I liked him so much that I hacked FE7 to make him playable. A shame his boss fights aren't very hard. Only his morph is tough, but that doesn't really count.
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User Info: Teh_Maimed

4 years ago#5
Lloyd won't attack little Nino... so yeah, Lloyd.

User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#6
Time for the "Honour Before Reason" idiocy arguments again.

Galle- Idiot, willing to kill his lover, and you can't even recruit him by leaving him alive
Lloyd- If only he was willing to listen
Linus- Didn't care much for him
Selena- Eh, she doesn't have any ties to you or anyone else but Vigarde, so sort of justified
Shihiram- Sure, go destroy the people's villages just because the person that obviously hates you and wants you dead says so.
Bryce- Probably would've died of old age if he lived anyway
Levail- In love with Zelgius
Yen'fay- What's trying to kill Say'ri again? It's never stated how but he believes Excellus when he says he could kill her at anytime, even while she's with Chrom's main character plot armour army, what an idiot.
Mustafa- Respect

To be honest I don't really like the Camus archetype, but out of these I guess Mustafa for being pretty memorable, FE13 bias and all.
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User Info: RedMageKirby

4 years ago#7
Levail, because he was a likeable dude.

Also, gotta love that love triangle with him, Zelgius, and Sephiran.

*Is exiled forever*
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User Info: Emmy_Altava

4 years ago#8
Mustafa's really the only person here who deserves this.

I daresay they're the only Awakening character who has deserved a win thus far. He was handled really well.

User Info: perfectchaos83

4 years ago#9
Tough choice between Lloyd and Mustafa. In the end, I chose Mustafa guy deserves mad respect.

Though, it was definitely hard to kill Lloyd. Especially after his conversation with Nino.
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User Info: anondum

4 years ago#10
lloyd+nino conversation

sad face
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