YOUR Avatar and YOUR Children Pairings

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User Info: deoxyscyclone

4 years ago#1
Hallo, peoples! This one is more a topic of curiosity and intrigue, rather than one questioning one piece of the game or another.

Ok, so there are two things I want to know. First, how did you build YOUR Avatar? With this, I mean what was their Asset/Flaw, and what skills did you give them or want to give them to end with? Did you make yours a random, powerful character of your favorite class, or did you go with the awesomeness of the Grandmaster?

Next, I want to know how you "married" your children characters together. Did you do this for a certain reason, or just because you liked how some of them were together? I want to know~

I hope people enjoy this topic, and use this as a chance to generally share what you did in your own game. Have fun~! :3


As for my own, this is my Avatar as of now. I liked the uniqueness of the Grandmaster, and decided to go sword-based since I love swords, and I prefer physical characters over magical ones (still carry a Levin Sword and a Rexcaliber for fliers).

Beta (Male Avatar) +Str/-Def

As for the kids, I haven't finished the pairings quite yet. Right now I'm set on:

Nah and Yarne (my son)
Cynthia and Gerome

And the ones I'm debating over are these:

Morgan (my daughter) and Owain
Severa and Inigo

Anyway, enough jabbering nonsensically here. Get to posting! Share your experiences and your preferences! Get out of your shell! Be social! Don't fall in Morgan's pitfall right there! I'm gonna stop talking now! ...Bye~ :'3
I'm also a Let's Player on YouTube! I LP my favorite games!

User Info: Enfusionist

4 years ago#2
Enfu - Swordmaster (cause I know a bit about how to handle a katana irl + they're very fast and my asset is +Speed)


(StreetPass Build)
-All Stats+2
-Limit breaker

Married Tiki, which makes my daughter a Manakete. I am supposed to be Grima, the fell DRAGON, so I thought it'd be cool to have a Dragon family.

I just unlocked all S-support conversations for the children this morning, so I will marry them based on the couples that had emotional conversations/pairings.

So far, SeveraxOwain, and CynthiaxGerome are looking great because of the special bonds they have in their supports. I'd like to spoil them, but only if others want to know.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#3
Megan (Female Avatar) +Res/-Spd
(Some combination of:)
Limit Breaker
Rally Spectrum
Rally Heart

My current Avatar (my male one doesn't count). What skills I use depends on whether I'm trying to be combative or supportive. I wasn't too happy about taking Speed as my flaw, but I was insistent on having an anti-mage unit, and Speed was the only stat that didn't affect either my Strength or Resistance. I went with Bride because it's my favorite class, like, ever.

I haven't actually paired any of my children up yet. That's because I find I don't really use any of them except Noire, to a lesser extent Lucina, Owain, and Nah, and Yarne if I need stuff unlocked and Noire can't get it herself. I do want to pair Lucina and Inigo, though.
Official Bride and Wife of Noire
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User Info: GSSAGE7

4 years ago#4
Robin +Magic/-Luck (I played as a magic user in my other playthroughs, and had a tendency to have reinforcements screw me over thanks to my luck. Seemed ap.)
Limit Break

Child pairings:
Morgan and Inigo
Severa and Owain
Noire (daughter) and Brady
Nah and Yarne
Lucina and Gerome

User Info: deoxyscyclone

4 years ago#5
Awesome! I'm loving the responses so far! I love to see that people are using variety, rather than just using what the most OP/general setup seems to be. Thank you guys, so far! Keep it up! :D

PS) To the first poster after me: No spoilers, please. ^^" I want this to be a happy topic for everyone~ Even those who haven't seen everything yet. (Plus the fact that I utterly despise spoilers! xD)
I'm also a Let's Player on YouTube! I LP my favorite games!

User Info: Ragnar0k0nline

4 years ago#6
My first build went like this:

Brian - Grandmaster
+ Speed
- Luck

Rally Spectrum
... And I'm blanking out on the fifth. I have no clue what it is right now, haha. My 3DS is in the other room and I don't feel like getting up and turning on the game just to answer this lol.

I realize that I have 2 proc skills, but it was my first playthrough I didn't really care for what I had.

For my child pairings...

Lucina x Gerome
Cynthia(other daughter) x Owain
Morgan (F) x Inigo
Noire x Yarne
Severa x Brady

Lucina and Inigo are siblings, so I wanted Morgan and Lucina to be sisters-in-law because I thought that it would make me aka the Avatar become unofficially part of the royal family. Same with Cynthia and Owain.

The rest except for Noire and Yarne were based off of personalities. I put Noire with Yarne because I wanted to pair her off with someone since those 8 are usually in my party and she/Yarne didn't have anyone yet. | Melanie | Iglesias

User Info: almostexactly

4 years ago#7
My first avatar was +Str/-Mag


Rally Spectrum

+Str/-Mag totally sounded legit when I started the game.

Avatar married Chrom because they were always standing next to each other and it just happened. Went on a massive child recruiting spree (cleared all the maps with my gen 1 guys, it was the bestest) and then went on a massive child promotion and arranged marriage spree

I don't think there was a rhyme or reason to it, if they were close to each other on the recruitment page or on the default deploy, that means marriage! Unfortunately for Laurent, this means he marries Noire and I end up being pre-disposed to think he's a weirdo forever.

My current guy +Mag/Def Avatar (9th one) married Tharja. I have no attachment to him and because I married Ricken to Miriel, I'm probably ditching this file once operation Best Buds Priam is over.

User Info: deoxyscyclone

4 years ago#8
I'm glad I made this topic. So many full-fledged responses, and so many interesting reasons and ideas! I'm glad more people went with personality and what they liked, rather going purely on what the "best" pairings were going to be. That's just a good thing! :3
I'm also a Let's Player on YouTube! I LP my favorite games!

User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#9
My first Avatar is kind of haphazard, as I don't care too much about an optimal build and didn't really know what was best. After I complete the Support Log, I may do one run with a better Asset/Flaw for my Avatar and actually passing down skills to children they can't get otherwise, though I won't go as far as optimal pairings and such. I do enough min/maxing in Pokemon, and even then I do it half-heartedly. :P

Name: Jivara
Asset: Speed
Flaw: HP
Class: Grandmaster

Skills: Galeforece
Rally Spectrum
Lifetaker (should probably replace that with Sol at the very least)

She married Chrom for story purposes.

As for my children pairings, I most went with personality, supports, and the first one done haphazardly as I didn't know what would happen when I got two of the second generation to S rank.

Morgan(M) x Nah - Very sweet supports between two like-minded youngsters and they look adorable together. That and I get my favorite character as a future daughter-law!

Lucina x Yarne - The haphazard one I was talking about. If I could change it, I'd have her marry Inigo.

Cynthia x Gerome -Opposite attract, and these opposite have a rather cute history to them.

Brady x Noire - Infirmary buddies for life!

Severa x Inigo - Still a good couple. One of Inigo's few where he isn't threatened with bodily harm.

Kjelle x Owain - Eh, not terrible, but my first choice for either. It was either Owain or Laurent, though. I suppose their S support is kind of sweet.
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User Info: MIssDeviling

4 years ago#10
Female Avatar (+Def -Res I think...) - Grandmaster
Limit Breaker

I'm not sure if I want to pair up the children characters, except for Inigo because I was planning on marrying him to the Avatar. I think they get an extra 10% Dual Attack rate, but I don't like to limit pairings in battle. I tend to switch them around, so it would bug me if I married the kids but had them pair up with anyone other than their spouse. If I had to pair them up, I'd do it just by supports and not so much minmaxing... Probably something like:

Gerome x Noire
Owain x Cynthia
Brady x Kjelle
Lucina x Morgan (M)
Laurent x Severa <-- leftovers
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