YOUR Avatar and YOUR Children Pairings

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User Info: deoxyscyclone

4 years ago#21
Wow, I love how you guys are all getting so into this topic! :D I'm ecstatic~! Keep it coming, please!

I love to hear how everyone built their Avatar, and the reasons why each person chose their pairings and stuff. So fun...
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User Info: SuperSonicDBZ

4 years ago#22
Named my character after myself. This is my main save data.

Asset was Defense, Flaw was HP. Figured I could easily make up the HP. Didn't know it reduced other stuff. :P

I stayed a Grandmaster, to keep with the story. Besides, an ideal class for me doesn't exist. (A Ground Lance Unit or a Physical Fighting unit. The latter has never existed in a FE game apparently.)

My skills: ignis (because my Atk & Mag stat are equal), Renewal (for good healing) Armsthrift (because I want to use legendary weapons), Limit Breaker/All Stats +2 (So I can get 50 Luck to use with Armsthrift) and Resistance + 10 (because Resistance is hard to come by.)

I married Emmeryn. On my 1st play through I was SO pissed she died. Ended up marrying Anna who only seemed to care mostly about money and the shop we were going to open. Come my 2nd (main) save and Paralogue 20 was coming out in 3 weeks. So I waited and married Emm. Why? Because the Avatar (me) pretty much becomes family to the Haildom of Yilsse and I wanted to solidify that via marriage. Not going to lie. Sort of upset that she talks the way she does now. I was hoping she'd get her memories back and return to normal. But that can't be helped. On the other hand, our whole family is full of amnesiacs. It makes more sense that way.

Which leads me to my last reason. Considering both Chrom & Lissa get awesome children, I believe that Emmeryn deserved a child as well.

Thus my child is Morgan. She is a cool child. No complaints. And her eagerness and love for family suits with Emmeryn as her mother. Plus she seems like the middle cousin between Lucina (over brooding, sometimes monotone) and Owain (over dramatic).
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User Info: CyberSturm

4 years ago#23
Male Avatar
Name: Vinny
Asset: Strength
Flaw: Luck
Class: Sorcerer (Only temporary, I prefer Grandmaster. Yeah I know, Asset Strength for a Magic class derp. Like I said, temporary)
Married: Sully

Aggressor (Might replace this with something else)
Limit Breaker

Children Pairings:
Morgan (daughter) x Inigo
Kjelle (daughter) x Gerome
Severa x Yarne
Cynthia x Brady
Nah x Laurent
Noire x Owain
Lucina = Forever Alone

My 2nd playthrough will probably be similar. Except my Asset will be Magic and Flaw be Strength and I'll be a Sorcerer. And I'd marry Aversa. Skills will most likely be the same (Except for Aggressor). And might marry Morgan to Gerome or Owain. I have a FeMU file, but haven't gone much into detail for it yet (mainly trying to get supports done. Especially dem S supports)
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User Info: deoxyscyclone

4 years ago#24
Anyone else have their own things to add? I, for one, finally finished my children pairings! :D here they are.

Morgan(F) x Owain
Nah x Yarne
Cynthia x Gerome
Lucina x Laurent
Noire x Brady
Severa x Inigo

I'm sorry, Kjelle, but you will be alone in this playthrough... Honestly, it was between her and Lucina for Laurent, but unfortunately for Kjelle, I liked Lucina's S-Rank Support with him a tad better.
I'm also a Let's Player on YouTube! I LP my favorite games!
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