So how does Europe like this game so far?

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User Info: Ampharos64

4 years ago#21
Naesaki posted...
on the prologue mission in the village, the boss had a crit chance of 5%, he crit Chrom and instantly one shotted him ¬___¬ so had to reload

I'm reassured to hear I'm not the only one that happened to. : ) Hopefully the RNG Goddess will smile on us for the rest of the game after being so cruel in the very first mission.

User Info: Jimdb

4 years ago#22
_Quest_ posted...
Bought it as a present for myself after doing my Spanish Oral A2 exam, and I've spent 12 hours on it, pretty much all in one go. Now my eyes hurt and I regret NOTHING.

Seriously, this is one amazing game. I can't wait until we get some more DLC.

Offtopic-> ¿Qué tal va tu Español? ¿Ya puedes mantener una conversación con un nativo de manera fluída y normal?

I got it on release because I'm so addicted to MH3U that I didn't even remember I had it preordered!
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User Info: Platinite

4 years ago#23
Got the game Love it.

Fortunately, I don't care about spoilers for FE-games, because I'm just here for the SRPG goodness and the cool animations. Awakening most certainly did not dissapoint me in that regard.

User Info: jkdarlow

4 years ago#24
Well i liked it enough to then buy the special FE 3ds XL so id say its alright.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
4 years ago#25
For the record I went into the game completely blind aside from knowing that pairings existed and that Marth was involved somehow.

Current impressions:
-The graphical style and animation quality is just excellent, they finally pulled off 3D FE in a way that actually works.
-The story and characters seem reasonably intriguing by FE standards, and I really like the supports.
-The Pair Up system is absolute genius and completely revolutionises support building in the best possible way. I will never be able to go back to FE4.

However, I have two major issues that are really bothering me right now:
-The difficulty curve is utterly bizarre. The first few chapters were really really easy. Then I got into an optional mission that was actually really difficult, and I really enjoyed it. Then I got into some random skirmish on the world map and for some reason that was harder than any of the chapters so far had been. Getting excited that the game was finally stepping up, I went on to the tournament chapter was an absolute joke. I'm kind of confused right now, it seems like I should maybe just be staying away from everything that isn't a story mission if I don't want to get hopelessly overleveled? But then why is the other stuff even there?
-Character balance seems really bad. If it weren't for my desire to use everyone, I would seriously just put Chrom and FeMU together (already at A support, seriously supports seem to build insanely fast in this game) and let them completely destroy everything on the map without any problems at all. They're honestly just so broken that there's not really any reason to bother using anyone else, even though I really WANT a reason to actually use tactics and make good use of all my units instead of just zerging everything with these two.

I'm hoping these two issues are resolved later, or that I'm just really missing something here on how I'm supposed to be playing the game, because it seems amazing otherwise.
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User Info: TombolaMan

4 years ago#26
I was also one of those who was able to stay spoiler free. I knew about the new features but that was it. I've played most other FEs so I knew what I was getting into and for the most part its been pretty standard FE.

And then Chapter 10 happened. Words cannot describe the feeling when the map theme kicked in for the first time. After finishing the chapter I can honestly say that is not only my favourite map theme in any FE I've played but possibly my favourite chapter as well. Course I still have over half the game to go so maybe they can top it.

User Info: IzualUrashima

4 years ago#27
I tried the demo and immediately let my girlfriend try it after. Her words cemented my opinion : "We'll buy it on release".

Now, I've got 6 hours when she's got 30 of it on the game. Game is so much fun that we're thinking into buying a second copy next week, so we won't argue about who's playing and things like that.

Hope it answers your question, OP. Oh, and while she's a newcomer in the series, I started with the first GBA one who came in Europe.
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User Info: MalcolmMasher

4 years ago#28
-I'm kind of confused right now, it seems like I should maybe just be staying away from everything that isn't a story mission if I don't want to get hopelessly overleveled? But then why is the other stuff even there?

Skirmishes are there so that you can get hopelessly overlevelled, should you so desire. *shrug* On normal and hard mode, their level is based on the battlefield they appear on. (I would guess that Hard also gives skirmish enemies better stat boosts than story enemies get, but have not confimed this.) On Lunatic, their level is based on the level of your highest level character or some such, and they certainly get better stat boosts than story enemies of equivalent level, with the result that Lunatic skirmishes start out vicious and quickly climb to obscene, then drop back to doable levels after the enemies ram into their stat caps and your party can catch up.

The lowest and highest numbered paralogues are about as difficult as the story missions that are available when they're unlocked, in my opinion.The middle paralogues vary in terms of difficulty and have odd unlock requirements; suffice it to say that there is no predictable correlation between when you unlock a middle paralogue and how difficult it will be. Best to enter, eyeball the map, and then leave and return later if you think you are unprepared.
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User Info: Flareth

4 years ago#29
I absolutely love it. Been playing this game non-stop the entire weekend! It's like they took the best features from every FE and used them for this game. I think this might actually be the greatest FE and I'm so happy that the tactician/avatar is back.
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User Info: Gritrulez

4 years ago#30
Got the game on the 20th from a webshop as all the gamestores in my area were sold out apparently.

Having played and loved (except Shadow Dragon) all the Fire Emblem games that have been released in the west, I sure was excited for this game. So far I like the game, it has tons of content and replayability but I can't say I'm as attached to the characters as in previous Fire Emblem games yet. Maybe it's the new art style I need to get used to. This game feels a lot like Sacred Stones with the overworld map and monsters/zombies which does give you a lot of freedom in how you want to progress in the game. Grinding is infinite though, which is great for leveling up weaker units any way you please but can make the game incredibly easy as well.

Initial impression: 8/10
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