Optimum Marriage List for Units?

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User Info: Uryvichk

4 years ago#11
Enju posted...
it does definitely seem that the best possible lucina is from avatar / MU F and that also gives morgan rightful king so yeah if you're playing the game as a woman it looks like the game almost discourages the avatar / MU from marrying anyone other than chrom just terms of making such powerful units

Chrom!Morgan is pretty unimpressive compared to marrying Yarne or Laurent, or even Chrom!Inigo. The sole reason you do Avatar-F x Chrom is to create a godlike Lucina who can do literally everything (usually with high SPD or something). The Morgan you get is good, but not OP like marrying a second gen character.

Generally speaking with a female Avatar I'd always marry a second gen male (most likely Yarne/Gerome for physical, Laurent/Owain for magical). For a male avatar a first gen female. It just provides the greatest array of benefits.

Avatar!Lucina is pretty hoss though.

User Info: WebbOMG

4 years ago#12
Okamiaku posted...
I noticed though the game really wants you to make your Avatar female for the Lucina/Morgan overpoweredness from Avatar/Crom.

This is silly. MU is always going to be the best parent for anyone so this is redundant.
But then you have certain children, like Lucina, that don't really need MU compared to other kids who really do.

On a FeMU run Chrom x MU is pretty good, but that pairing will NEVER be more optimal than say Tharja x MU.

Okamiaku posted...

You have a lot of good pairings but few of them are optimal. I've bolded one in particular that is abysmal.

Optimally, marry Sully only to one of the following: Donnel, Vaike or MU. Sully x Henry is horrible and sucks out a lot of potential from Kjelle and Henry could be put to better use elsewhere, passing Sorcerer to someone who better uses it (like Brady, Cynthia or even Owain, though he's lowest priority of the 3).
The preceding were my own opinions and while I will stand and defend them, I always do my best to give both sides of any discussion a fair chance.

User Info: almostexactly

4 years ago#13
I just want to say that I regret grinding on my Lunatic run (which I assume TC will be doing since he's marrying Olivia to Chrom).

Not because it trivialized the game, but because even with grinding, the units I painstakingly (and since it was Lunatic, it was painstaking) raised to the point where they could murder better then they could be murdered was all for naught because by endgame, the enemies were so terrifying that I gave up and shoo'ed Chrom paired with the Avatar through the gate and deployed no one else. Trying to raise a bunch of units in Lunatic mode sure felt like a fool's errand.

On topic, Gaius should marry someone. He'll pair better with Sully then Henry, who could be used for a more magic inclined kid.

User Info: Okamiaku

4 years ago#14
Well the goal for kjelle was to make a General with the Tomebreaker skill, and Henry gave the better stats between my options.

As already mentioned this is a blind lunatic run and im on chapter 13 so far. Im not intending to level everyone up but just make a bit of a dream team with certain stat combos.

Im certainly liking the Manakete option for Morgan though since it has good stat boosts (because of dragon form, plus ranged ability).

I am starting to get creamed by some of the units so im working on looking at getting more units Sol/Lifetaker and seeing how that works out since I do most of my damage from counter attacks.

I do see the mid/late game benefit of choosing the Skill/Luck as your boon as well.

As for Avatar/Chrom, Lucenia allows you to get a super unit that has aether and morgan with rightful king is no laughing matter as well with certain skill choices like Astra/Lethality.
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User Info: SazukeEX

4 years ago#15
Vaike should either be used for Super Gerome!Morgan or he should be given to Kjelle or to a lesser extent - Nah who benefits less from Vaike than Kjelle.

Any other way is not optimal.


Kjelle has Aegis and Pavise.

Tomebreaker is completely unneeded on her as a General.
Hector x Farina - OTP of FE.
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