Rate the Skill, Paralogue 10: Rally Spectrum and Rally Movement.

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User Info: fatty_ya

4 years ago#31
Rally Spectrum: S

IMO, Rally Spectrum should have been only +1 across the board (except Movement) so other +4 Rally skills would be still relevant.

Rally Spectrum is the best Rally skill in the game because it's so ridiculously over-powered.

Rally Movement: B

Lots of fliers and riders in this game. If you need units with high movement, you probably already have more than enough of them. Plus, you can't ALWAYS benefit from +1 movement.
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User Info: nflchamp

4 years ago#32
Spec: S

Move: B

User Info: IlluminaZer0

4 years ago#33
Rally Spectrum: S
Rally Movement: D

If Fire Emblem had PvP then rally movement would be "S" tier. (Hi Advance Wars) Against the CPU... Especially with pair-up mounted movement... It's very weak.

Due to the "CHARGE" mentality of the AI, you can just fall back so that they are within the movement range of your units.

Rally Movement is way too situational. Consistent movement bonuses are better gained through the pair-up system, and the rally movement user is going to be left in the dust in a best case scenario.

Munchkinator posted...

I would give Rally Speed special treatment due to accessibility and potency in a no-grind game.

Rally Spectrum is good, but in a no-grind game it's pretty much a MU only skill. Dedicating what is likely your most powerful unit to rallying is very limiting.

Rally speed in contrast can be learned pretty quickly by any female character with Pegasus access. (Most likely: Sumia) And speed more than any other stat makes or breaks a unit... +4 when +5 is the breaking point is a godsend if the enemies are actually a threat.

If your units are outclassing the enemy units to the extent that rally speed isn't good (especially in a no-grind game) then ALL of the rally skills are likely equally overkill.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#34
Confession Time!
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