Best Critical/Skill Quote, Day 23: Anna

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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#1
Which is your favorite quip? - Results (238 votes)
8.82% (21 votes)
54.2% (129 votes)
"Ready to get gouged?"
7.98% (19 votes)
"I make deep cuts!"
28.99% (69 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Another close effort, with the FotNS quote winning out just by a mere 3 votes. I wonder if any of these polls will ever end on a tie?

In these topics, vote for which of the topic's character's critical/skill activation quotes is your favorite, and let's see how many people agree or disagree.

Today's character is Anna, the whimsical, money-loving merchant:

Chrom - "Anything can change!"; 41.48%, 56/135 Votes
Avatar - "Checkmate!"; 53.9%, 83/154 Votes
Lissa - "Clear a path, everyone!"; 44.63%, 54/121 Votes
Frederick - "Pick a god and pray!"; 93.88%, 184/196 Votes
Sully - "I'll kill you twice!"; 41.3%, 76/184 Votes
Virion - "Die! With magnificence!"; 66.24%, 104/157 Votes
Stahl - "I love this part!"; 69.08%, 105/152 Votes
Vaike - "Looks like Teach just got tenure!"; 83.74%, 170/203 Votes
Miriel - "Begone, foul miscreation!"; 50.25%, 99/197 Votes
Sumia - "I'll end this now!"; 35.58%, 74/208 Votes
Kellam - "Come on, look at me!"; 63.53%, 108/170 Votes
Donnel - "Yeeeeeehaw!" - 51.93%, 94/181 Votes
Lon'qu - "How well will you die?"; 67.84%, 135/199 Votes
Ricken - "Don't look down on me!"; 58.14%, 100/172 Votes
Maribelle - "I promise you, this will hurt!"; 49.26%, 100/203 Votes
Panne - "I smell your fear."; 36.07%, 66/183 Votes
Gaius - "So long, sucker!"; 30.4%, 69/227 Votes
Cordelia - "Out of my sight!"; 47.89%, 102/213 Votes
Nowi - "Errrr...rage!"; 46.12%, 95/206 Votes
Gregor - "Gregor smash!"; 55.56%, 115/207 Votes
Libra - "I am your omega!"; 56.22%, 113/201 Votes
Tharja - "You're already dead." - 42.75%, 115/269 Votes - My Backloggery
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

4 years ago#2
My 25 Most Favorite Games -
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User Info: NME_Enterprises

4 years ago#3
Money punnys get me. Deep cuts.

Random aside: if I had to choose only one, Anna is probably the paralogue character who I wish had supports with everyone.
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User Info: SSJ2 Dark

SSJ2 Dark
4 years ago#4
Where's "Violence is on sale today!"? I vote for that one.
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User Info: GoIdenAce

4 years ago#5
SSJ2 Dark posted...
Where's "Violence is on sale today!"? I vote for that one.

that's for when she dual attacks, not crit hit

My choice has to be "Cha-Ching!" as much as I love "Sold!" or how awesome it is when she goes "I make deep cuts" when she activates lethality.

Cha-Ching just scream "Hi, I'm Anna, a merchant, and now your dead *wink*"
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User Info: Sentinel07

4 years ago#6

User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#7
Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.

User Info: doireallyexist

4 years ago#8
'I make deep cuts' Her voice is so singy-songy here, I love it.

User Info: MegaSlime

4 years ago#9
Gotta go try Anna out.
"Why is it whenever someone says 'with all due respect' they really mean 'kiss my ass'?"-Ashley, Mass Effect
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User Info: MagmarFire

4 years ago#10
"I make deep cuts!"

Oh, I'm such a fan of double meanings like that. XD
What was that, Morgan? "Kill them all"? GOOD IDEA! *Ignis* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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