Do you like Fog of War?

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User Info: Master Espeon

Master Espeon
4 years ago#21
I am not overly fond of fog of war.

However, it's an interesting mechanic as long as there's torches and torch staves and such and I'd like to see it around again.
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User Info: CreepGnome

4 years ago#22
From: majora123 | #016
vanguard29 posted...
SwordMasterEX posted...
F*** fog of war.

Seriously, FoW is the dumbest things in the series. It makes no scene. Imagine playing chess, but you couldn't see your opponents pieces. I'm so glad that they got rid of it.

yeah man it makes no sense that i can't magically know exactly where the enemy forces are standing in the darkness and/or fog! it also makes no sense that my weapons break i mean wtf man intsys really dropped the ball on that
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User Info: WhiteTigerShiro

4 years ago#23
jimmyzeke13 posted...
For me, Fog of War is one of the most annoying mechanics in Fire Emblem. Torches and thieves can help your cause, but I still think it hinders your ability to think tactically and plan ahead. What do you guys think?
If anything, it forces you to think tactically by preventing your ability to plan ahead; or rather, by forcing you to plan ahead differently. It's the same reason that you (should) keep a set amount of money set aside that you specifically don't spend, because you never know when your car is going to crap-out, or you might lose your job, or any other number of reasons that you might need to fall-back on that cash.
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User Info: Shadow Stalker X

Shadow Stalker X
4 years ago#24
I liked Fog of War, and would like to see it return.
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User Info: wufei8706

4 years ago#25
Disliked it in Advanced Wars as well.

User Info: 4in1

4 years ago#26
Having played Shadow Dragon's wifi battles a lot, I would really like to see fog of war return, so long as the enemy AI is changed so that they have the same restrictions as you (having to scout before attacking, not knowing your locations).
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User Info: DrakoVongola1

4 years ago#27
I hate it, but in the sense that it can get frustrating as all hell. I'd like to see it back, with torches, totch staves, and thieves they aren't that hard, and it forces you to think more about your moves.
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User Info: EvenSpoonier

4 years ago#28
Yes, but it needs to be used judiciously. The best FoW maps are the ones designed to scare you.
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User Info: BigMeatyClawz

4 years ago#29
Yes, but with a caveat: the enemies can only attack what they see. None of this 9 move fliers coming out of nowhere to kill your fragile dudes.

User Info: 0Kira0

4 years ago#30
I would like to see FoW back in Fire Emblem.

Disappointed that there wasn't any in Awakening.

FoW adds to your strategy
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