Sumia? Noob question =D

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User Info: Gothicpuppy

4 years ago#1
So I am only in Chapter 5 and done a few challenge battles. I want Sumia and my main character to hook up because.. She's the hottest female in my team so why not? But anyway, she's REALLY weak. Am I doing something wrong with her other than she's lvl 2 where everyone else is 5-6? Even when I first got her she felt super weak compared to everyone else at the same level.
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#2
Try leveling her up and hope she gets some strength with her 45% growth.
She is likely however to be one of your units to double most things early on.
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
4 years ago#3
She's actually a pretty bad unit.

User Info: Spikaya

4 years ago#4
Gothicpuppy posted...
She's the hottest female in my team

Play more. -.-
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#5
feed her kills, and she will catch up in no time.

also, a bit of a spoiler, but... Chrom will marry the woman he has the highest support in Chapter 11. Sumia has the highest priority between the ladies, so be careful with him
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User Info: leonodo

4 years ago#6
Just level her up. I don't know about metagame but Sumnia was my best unit during my playthroughs after I got her to catch up with the rest of my army
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User Info: 2wingedangel

4 years ago#7
When you get her in Chapter 3, have her on the right (the direction, not "correct") side of the field along with Lissa and some dependable units. This will keep her away from the archers, feed her kills, and give her better means of healing than a Vulnerary. After that, she should be at least strong enough to hold her own against mages, provided they're using anything but wind magic.
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User Info: Neosephiroth666

4 years ago#8
I don't know whether the RNG goddess loves Sumia in my files but she's always been a great unit for me. Heck my Sumia even gets good def and her str almost rivals Vaike's. Give her renown energy drop and dracoshield and she's an early game beast. Sumia- pegasus knight-dark flier-falcon knight-great knight equals awesome. I love mah Sumia. Chrom can have Olivia.
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User Info: Taiphlosion

4 years ago#9
smash fanatic posted...
She's actually a pretty bad unit.

No she's not.
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User Info: Summonearth

4 years ago#10
smash fanatic posted...
She's actually a pretty bad unit.

There can be only five possibilities why you would say that:
1. You were RNG screwed when using her
2. You never trained nor used her properly
3. You never really gave her a chance
4. You are too obsessed with Cordelia
5. Your hatred of her make you refuse to look at her as a potential good unit.
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