Character Pairings so Far

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User Info: SkyFallXIII

4 years ago#1
This is my first run of the game. Just finished Chapter 14. I'm waiting til Chapter 16 where Second Seals are buyable to start (mass) reclassing my characters, and as such Lucina is my only child so far, but I did get Galeforce for her in advance.

Chrom-MU (Lord-Grandmaster)
Frederick-Lissa (Grand Knight-Cleric)
Virion-Sully (Archer-Cavalier)
*Henry-Sumia (Dark Mage-Pegasus Knight)
*Vaike-Olivia (Fighter-Pegasus Knight)
Stahl-Miriel (Cavalier-Mage)
*Kellam-Cherche (Knight-Wyvern Rider)
Ricken-Panne (Mage-Taguel)
Libra-Maribelle (War Monk-Troubadour)
Gaius-Tharja (Thief-Dark Mage)
Lon'qu-Cordelia (Myrmidon-Pegasus Knight)
Gregor-Nowi (Mercenary-Manakete)

*Aren't married yet
Only Lucina and Severa I planned for. I had originally set up Lon'qu with Tharja, and Cordelia with Gaius, so the two just got swapped. Also I had wanted to pair Lissa with Vaike, but he got way too strong early on, and there just weren't enough situations to pair them.
Again, this is my first run, and looking back I would've changed a lot of my pairings. Another question is, should I reclass Nowi or Panne? Are either of their secondary classes really worth it?

User Info: Devil_Killer_JC

4 years ago#2
Well, if you're dead set on getting the best pairings out of the characters you have left, give Vaike to Cherche and Kellam to Olivia. Gerome will benefit from +7 STR and the Berserker class line, and Inigo would love pavise and luna. HenryxSumia is great though (train Cynthia as a sorcerer or sage to get her MAG up).

This is your first playthough, so don't worry about min-maxing and making optimal pairings. You can do that when you know more about the game.

btw, YES, reclass Nowi and Panne. Nowi should pick up skills like Swordbreaker (Wyvern Lord level 15) and Deliverer (Griffon rider level 5), and Panne should pick up lance breaker (griffon rider level 15).

Nowi is best as a manakete for her final class, where Panne is awesome as either a Wyvern Lord, or an Assassin (personally, I prefer assassin, since she is a speedy character with a 50 SKL, and a 49 SPD cap).
PSN: Devil_Killer_JCS
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