Fully Rate The Characters Days 3, 4, and 5: Frederick, Sully, and Virion

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User Info: Rockman47

4 years ago#1
This is self explanatory, You all rate the Character of the Day on a scale 1-10, but this series will have the ratings seperated in three catagories: Logical, Characterization, and Personal.

Logical- This will tackle on the cold hard facts in the form of numbers, classes, etc.

Characterization-This will be how much you liked the character in the supports or story.

Personal- This category will be how how was YOUR experience with the character, like getting RNG Blessed or Screwed, the recruitment chapter they had (doesn't apply for the first days), etc.

Today's a triple feature to make up for the missing days and it has the Jeigan of this game, the man of many names, Freddy, Frederickson, Fred Gore, Freddy-bear, its Frederick! With the Menslayer in both battlefield and in the kitchen, Sully! Along with the archest of archers, the lady lover Virion!

Day 1 Results- Chrom
Logical- 8.75
Characterization- 5.8
Personal- 5.56

Day 2 Results- Lissa
Logical- 6.3
Characterization- 7.7
Personal- 6.3
People always find a way to hate each other. Like something old, nostalgia whore. Like something new, tool. Hate the new thing, hipster. The Hate Cycle.

User Info: Rockman47

4 years ago#2
People always find a way to hate each other. Like something old, nostalgia whore. Like something new, tool. Hate the new thing, hipster. The Hate Cycle.

User Info: pwnagecumseasy

4 years ago#3

Logic: 8 His growths are pretty good and I feel like reclassing makes him totally viable. Not to mention you need him on Lunatic.

Characterization: 9 His supports with FeMU and his bromance with Chrom are pretty great. Also pickagodandpray.mp3

Personal: 10 I've had nothing but good luck (amazing level ups and the like) when it comes to him and he's the only reason I even made it past the first 5 chapters on lunatic was because of him sooo....yeah


Logic: 6 Lower def growth than Stahl. That's pretty much it.

Characterization: 10 I love her personality, and she swears alot! Her conversations with MaMU and the confessions were so cute *-*

Personal: 8 I only used her in one run so far, but she kicked a lot of ass during that run and was married to MU.


Logic: 3 his growths are pretty bad, same goes for his class selection. I don't like to use him without him being grinded. (but I can say the same for a lot of units...)

Characterization: 10 I love his personality. He reminds me of a more classy Sain from FE7.

Personal: 1 He fell off in my first run and never really got used, then on my lunatic run I tried to use him after leveling him a bit but he turned out Horrid.
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User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#4
FredL : 8/10. Is the Oifaye, and by now we've seen how good Oifayes can be.
FredC: 9/10. Is hilarious with some of the things he does (READ: Chrom posters)
FredP: 6/10. Ended up being the only bachelor for me, to put it in perspective.

SullyL: 8/10 RedCav is RedCav.
SullyC: 7/10 I like a bunch of her crit/skill lines, but other than that nothing special.
SullyP: 9/10 Didn't fall out of my roster until Kjelle joined.

VirionL: 4/10 hes nothing exciting...
VirionC: 5/10 Inigo does most of the stuff he does better.
VirionP: 6/10 For what he was used for, he was great. That wasn't much, though.
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User Info: SmashStrike

4 years ago#5
- Logical: 8/10. He is a crucial unit for a good amount of the game and remains useful for a while.
- Characterization: 5/10. Eh, he's okay. There's nothing really noteworthy about his character except for his passion for being a bodyguard for Chrom bordering ho yay at times. Other things like his fear of wolves and sensitive stomach seem random and tacked on. Not very interesting.
- Personal: 7/10. He was great for me for a long time but at a certain point, became nigh unusable.

- Logical: 7/10. Solid and well-rounded unit. Could have a bit of a better class selection but she's still good.
- Characterization: 7/10. I found Sully to be very enjoyable. Despite looking and acting very tomboyish, it never came off as forced, it was all very natural. Also, she wasn't really a ball-buster either. She can admit her weakness and when she's wrong with a reasonably level head. Also, her backstory of being a noble that didn't have to lift a finger but decided to try to earn her place is really clever and rounded out her character nicely.
- Personal: 8/10. Very reliable unit in my playthrough. Always had a great balance of Str, Spd, and Def.

- Logical: 3/10. Starts off as an Archer and besides that has Wyvern Rider and Mage as reclass options.... yeah.
- Characterization: 4/10. Admittedly I haven't seen as much of him as I have the other characters but I've still seen a good amount of him and he's incredibly uninteresting. The vain, foppish, girly man archetype is boring and annoying to me. Virion is a bit more sincere than that but still, he doesn't bring much to the table in terms of character or development so I find it difficult to slog through his supports.
- Personal: 2/10: Got one potshot in one chapter then languished on the bench for the entirety of the rest of the game.
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User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#6
FredL : 7/10 a not to bad prepromo
FredC: 7/10. nothing spectacular, but not bad. a general, likable guy
FredP: 5/10. my fred always ends up bad. and quickly.

SullyL: 7. she's ok.
SullyC: 4/10. i get people like the whole tough girl thing, but ive had far too much of that.
SullyP: ??? never used her much. as written above, i dont like her much.

VirionL: 6/10. an archer in a game full of wide open maps. that is why there is only one archer....
VirionC: 8/10. even though he is similar to inigo, i like the way he is written
VirionP: 10/10 my virion is great, and a flying boss killer specialist.

i liked this setup, so i kinda stole it...
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User Info: DemiseEnd

4 years ago#7


- Frederick is a Jeigan, and a particularly good Jeigan. Amazing in the beggining but slows down later on. He is essentially FE7 Marcus in Hard(normal) mode, and kind of FE6 Marcus in Lunatic.

One of the most well designed Jeigan in the series on that note, hes not as overpowered as his predecessor(yeah, im looking at you Marcus, Seth, and Titania) because he actually slowed down later in the game

Anyway, he is as good as I can find for Gen 1 Pair Up fodder for in game and min max, neccesary on Lunatic, can be used for endgame as well thanks to utility(alongside those like Sully, Stahl, Kellam, Chrom, Tharja and Sumia as an amazing pair up fodder).

As a father, back then we used to think that Frederick is an 0/10 Terrible father for everyone, but as time goes, people have found out Frederick's amazing niche as a daddy for his PavGis, DG+, and Wyvern line(Deliverer from Griffin) inheritance. All in all, Frederick is a solid unit for all stage of the game.

- I LIKED his personality. Hes a senior Knight. Hes a Jeigan. Thats like the recipe of 15/10. Add in the support convo with Cherche and Sully, and thats like 30/10. But seriously, WHY IS HE THAT KIND OF OBSESSED WITH TRAINING? Y u pick the Gravel? Oh Henry support? WTF why you mocked Stahl? UNACCEPTABRU!!!

Oh, and he loved Chrom. Cordelia support make it ridiculously obvious, and this is one of his great points. Also he resisted Tharja's hex because he can. Although he won;t marry him for obvious reason >_>

Naked poster is amazing though

- Personally, for someone who LOVED Jeigan, he is one of the most enjoyable Jeigan units. Not as enjoyable as say.... Marcus both in 6 and 7, not broken, but fine.

I always get blessed Frederick. Sue me.



- Take Frederick, add Panne - Jeigan. You get Sully.

One of the best candidate for early second seals, can go Palladin etc. Pretty Amazing and a solid unit.

Shes borderline unusable in Lunatic though, so im not going for Fred's high rating

Now, as a mother is where she showed her goodness. Sully has one of the most absurd child genes in the game. +2 speed means its easy to tweak. Her child gets Cav, Wyvern, Myrm AND Knight because Kjelle is made of win. For that matter, Sully is as good as Freddy as a supporter, if not better because of acess to Assassin, SM, and being a girl which means Bride hax support bonus.

- Sully has DOWNRIGHT one of the most likable personality, not only from girls from this game, but also the Chrismas Cavalier in the entire series. Shes hot, shes likable and she makes a perfect couple with Stahl. I hated her support with FE-MU for some reaosn, but its fine, her other supports are amazing.

10/10. Best character in the game

- Personal

Have I mentioned I liked Wyvern Lord Sully?



LOLArcher starting class

Take 2 relatively worthless class sets, and Mage. slap it together and you get Virion. If he gets like.... Cavalier he might actually be pretty amazing.

As a daddy, his mods are solid, and he can make some awesome child. Such as Inigo ^^. I love Cellica Inigo.

- Well, he is a flirt. I usually don't like Flirty character that much. On the other hand, he is midboss, check. He is amazing, check. He is better than everyone at everything, check.

Look, in story he is a better tactician than MU, better Dancer than Olivia. He is considered a pretty clever dude. And yeah in short hes amazing. Hes not joking when he said hes the Archest of Archer, its the freaking truth.

So Why the hell did he suck that much in gameplay?
Gameplay and Story Segregation has never been this annoying

- Archer. that is all
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User Info: almostexactly

4 years ago#8
FredL : 9/10 Performs excellently at his niche roll in a game where everyone's gaining 4-6 stats per level up. Passes great skills to kids, great as a pair up buddy. Unparalleled usefulness early game without being OP later. Great at his job.
FredC: 9/10. The voice of reason to Chrom's impulsiveness. At first, I thought he was rather dull but I approve of Chromsexual and absurdly absurdly dedicated to steward (butler) duties, truly a riot.
FredP: 4/10. Jeigan! After the initial map hurdle, I bench him or send him to pair up duties as soon as I can. Can't find a place for him once everyone's stats are close to his. He's relying on his bases to carry him and when those bases stop being special, so does he.

SullyL: 6/10 I love Cavaliers. I love the pair up bonuses, I love the extra move, I love her stat spread as she gets everything important. She has a lot of great skills but not OP ones though so she can't really shine that way, aside from being reliable.
SullyC: 8/10 Fun abrasiveness but the giant chip on her shoulder about surpassing men is a bit ... mmm, more like the game seems to paint her in the wrong since she's spewing fire at good natured guys like Kellam or Gregor. Still, straightforward and determined to earn her way rather then have the title passed to her. What a champ.
SullyP: 7/10 She turns out reliably for me, always better then Stahl. PEMN. I love Cavaliers but gotta ditch that toilet armor. Still, when gen 2 rolls around, it's the same song and dance as most of the other vanilla gen 1s.

VirionL: 2/10. Those two points are for passing nice modifiers as a dad.
VirionC: 8/10. Okay, okay, womanzier. Okay. He has a great backstory (which is just his backstory and doesn't impact the game but it's a really nice backstory) and is frequently a few steps ahead in witty retorts and planning which is fun. Shame the womanizer part gets so much more focus, he's not even good at it. He's not terrible at it either but you're competing with Inigo for that character archetype.
VirionP: 1/10 I grinded during Lunatic. I couldn't even grind in Lunatic until I sent Virion to stop the Pegasus Knights from wrecking me. Thanks Virion. 1 point. Every other time, he's either not gaining strength or he's not gaining speed, sorry Virion, Skill is kinda a trash stat to specialize at if your other stuff isn't to par.

User Info: Rockman47

4 years ago#9
To the top!
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User Info: beautheschmo

4 years ago#10

Logical: 9/10. He's good. He doesn't really have a whole lot of "Power classes" outside his cavalier upgrades, but what he has works for him pretty well. He's 100% necessary if you want to make it anywhere in Lunatic. Honestly, with maybe a couple exceptions, I really can't bring myself to rate any 1st gens with a logic score higher than an 8, but since he's so necessary on Lunatic and continues to be good even after the rough beginning, he's one of the lucky exceptions.

Characterization: 7/10. It's funny for a while, but his Chrom obsession is like Cordelia x 2, and it starts to wear thin after a while.

Personal: 7/10. I never cared much for Jeigans, so I don't use him on Normal/Hard, and I bench him on Lunatic, but he can usually hold his own if I need him, or just want to field him for variety's sake.


Logical: 6/10. She comes a bit weak, and shares a similar class set to Frederick, but with the inferior Myrmidon class (inferior for her at least), compared to his Knight class. She's one of the few characters who I feel has meh stat growths, in a game where most people have great growths.

Characterization: 4/10 Typical tomboy who doesn't take crap from nobody. Boring as heck, moving on.

Personal: 2/10. Like I said, she has meh growths, and out of every single adult unit, she had the lowest stats in nearly every category for me as a fresh 20/1 promoted unit. She had like 12 strength and defense, and those were her highest stats. Stahl is better in pretty much every way.


Logical: 5/10 A lot of his problems stem from being a starting archer in a game that has maybe 5 choke points spread across the entire game. The only way to use him as a lead unit is to reclass him, this game was not kind to archers. His class set is abysmal, and they have as little synergy as possible. He does have some niche use as a support unit against flying enemies, but he's just not very good.

Characterization: 7/10. I really haven't seen a whole lot of him, but from what I've seen, I like him.

Personal: 3/10. He ended up a little better than Sully, but man, it was a b-word to get him to a usable state.
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