Fully Rate The Characters Days 3, 4, and 5: Frederick, Sully, and Virion

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User Info: Inuyashafan6o48

4 years ago#11
- Logical: 8. I really struggle because the average for most people on rating schemes is now 7, but mine is 5. So 8 is an insanely good mark. Fredrick serves a very important purpose in harder modes and that's to babysit whatever team you have. He's not exceedingly effective after a few chapters, which is important for his archetype. We've seen examples of these type of characters go out of control. This is effective design. Of course, this score is also tempered by the fact that the harder difficulties aren't the only existent ones and and lower difficulties, he's on the bench before you can open your mouth.
- Character: 3. Again, see 5 is average. He plays very much like a stereotype. 1 key point to his character, and that's all that's played. I've always found Awakening to be broad, but not deep in characterization as they tried to give you as many combinations of parents for the second generation and Fredrick gets caught up in that sweep. I really haven't seen any really unique points to him, outside 1-2 amusing quips.
- Personal: 6. Fredrick serves his uses in Lunatic and Lunatic+ (to the point where people love to call if Fredrick Emblem) and...well...that's about it. He's well balanced to the point that I don't get any bonus from him. Other than a couple great breaks with not activating Luna (as it would have resulted in his death), I haven't had much sway from the norm.

- Logical: 5. Simple and basic. Hard to go wrong.Her toolset focuses on having a good support network for her and are mostly offensive. Deliverer and Pass make an interesting combination.
- Character: 5. The swearing occasionally begins to break my suspension of disbelief. But compared to some of the others, the duality of her reactions at least becomes interesting at points, if only they play on one trait and the associated ideas related to that.
- Personal: 3. I never really end up using cavalry in this game. Awakening feels almost purely about flying mounted units.

- Logical: 1. If 0 was legal, I'd go there. It's unfortunate that archers really struggle already due to limited no 1 space range (making it much more difficult to train), but Awakening is even more cruel by making the class overall deficient, adding few consistent choke points by which you could at least even attempt grinding out a character, and providing no real incentive to actually use Virion. No awesome stats, no great class alternatives...nothing really.
- Character: 3. Falls to the same issue as Fredrick - wide range of supports, but they really don't show much difference in him. I would highlight Tharja's supports with him though as they actually put up some interesting points should you follow them all the way through. But it's hardly redeeming of the rest of it.
- Personal: 3. I ended up with him growing stats as I've collected supports. None of his renditions are that good and strategies to train him reminded me of the days when I tried to train Sophia to be actually usable.
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User Info: Alanna82

4 years ago#12
Frederick- Logical- 8- he is a Jagen, he does his job
Character- 3- I found him quite boring (except for Pick a God and Pray)
Personal- 3- He usually turned out way worse than the rest of my units, even when I second sealed him back to a lower class to gain stats.

Sully- Logical- 7- nice balance of stats. Her other classes arn't bad either
Character- 7- she's pretty funny. Not my favorite but has her moments
Personal- 7- she usually turned out pretty well for me

Virion- Logical- 3- horrible class choice. Why does he have MAGE as a class choice. I think Ricken is the only one with worse classes
Character- 7 This is where he shines.
Personal- 3- would have been a one, but one time he got really speed blessed so that saved him from being useless that time.
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